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Sorry for this looking so ghetto, but I didn't have any fine blades for my dremel so I used a grinder. You could actually do a better job with a xacto or model knife.

REMEMBER - ANY MOD LIKE THIS WOULD OBVIOUSLY VOID YOUR WARRANTY!!!!! You could also inadvertantly damage your device.

SO the MK802 Mini PC tends to run a little hot and that causes some concern for owners on performance and longevity. I decided I could use some VGA heat sinls to try to counter that and did some looking and found some people did that and others just drilled the back cover. I did a little of both. For reference we will be working with the HDMI to the right and the OTG USB on the top.

What you need -

RHS-03 VGA copper heatsinks, self adhesive. (Amazon is a good source for these)
Dremmel, X-acto, or modelling knife.
Guitar pick or any small thin rigid plastic item. You can use a small screw driver but be extra careful not to break the tiny clips in the back. Most tablet kits come with picks.
Measuring tape or ruler.

Optional -
Double sided sticky tape.
Contact thermal paste

To start you have to open the device. This is pretty simple, just start at the HDMI end and insert the pick between the edge of the device just above the HDMI port.

Gently work your way around one side to the front, pressing gently, and you will here a couple clicks as the clips release. Repeat on the other side.

Once it is open lay the device on a table and place the 2 or 3 heatsinks on the chips as shown in this picture, Don't take the paper off the adhesive yet.

Measure the distance from the edge from each side to the edge of the heatsinks and write it down. As an Example:
From HDMI=X of an inch
From OTG =X of an inch
From Host=x inches
From Microsd= x of an inch

Then take the back plate and lay it with the HDMI label to the right and use these measurments to mark the area you need to cut. An alternative way is to mark it is to cut a piece of double sided sticky tap the size of the heatsinks. Then remove the paper off one side of the tape and lay it sticky side down on the heatsinks in place on the unit. Then remove the paper off the other side and press the back down gently over the unit and when you pull it up the heatsinks will be on the tape. Pull off the heatsinks gently leaving the tape on the inside of the back, then use the tape as a template to cut around.

The opposite end of processor and heatsinks is the WiFi unit. It gets a littlle warm too, so what you can do is drill or dremel some small holes to allow a little more air flow. In the end you have a backplate that looks something like this: (well hopefully better than this lol)

Make sure to get all the loose flakes and burrs off the edges.

Reassemble the unit and TADA!!!!!

I have been running the unit for about 5 hours straight and it is a huge difference heatwise. I also bought a mini USB exhaust fan awhile back I thought about as well. Maybe if I gt another unit. It comes with pressure clips all you would have to do is drill a couple holes small enough for the clips to slip into.

Again this too all of 15 minutes to do. Imagine if I had taken my time and had the right tools, like you could. LOL
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