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Merchants in Germany?

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Looking for a local merchant here in Germany. J4electronics looks to be closed. Any help would be awesome.
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There for sure a lot of them!! And also Media Markt, Conrad and a lot others would sell them! But if you look for cheap Tablets, China is still where to go.

Here in Thailand it's quite easy and the prices mainly like from the chinese on-line market, still have to be carefully about Warranty. Service isn't a problem, that would handled here very well, and cheap if we need to pay for it!
I was looking for someone that maybe rebranded one or ordered customization on the tablet. like a German version of TNT or a European based one like this.
I use Qbooks merchant services, and i have found it to be costly. What do you use, and has anyone ever made the switch from QB to another company best merchant services? I have seen ads for services in Costcos, and sams Club, are they any cheaper?
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