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Maybe the kernel don`t support this NAND Flash

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Hello,I`m new here and a new owner of an Eken M001. I bought it on ebay and received it today. A fast test seems good, it starts up and worked. Then we have to go and I turned it off with a long press on the powerbutton. He asked me to disable the phone module. I agreed and since them only get a black screen...
I`ve tried to flash a new room (stands here in the forum), but only get the fellowing errormessage:--> Erase File-System partition Fail! Exit!Maybe the kernel don`t support this NAND FlashThis error comes with original Eken M001 1.7.4 firmware...Now my quest is: Is it broken (then flashmemory)? Hope you can help me.With kind regardsISDNRaiser
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no its not broken its the sd card format... make sure you format it at 32kilobytes in the dropdown menu in windows.....sometime certain cards dont format right and it makes the firmware update not go through...that happened to me before
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