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Maybe the kernel don`t support this NAND Flash

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Hello,I`m new here and a new owner of an Eken M001. I bought it on ebay and received it today. A fast test seems good, it starts up and worked. Then we have to go and I turned it off with a long press on the powerbutton. He asked me to disable the phone module. I agreed and since them only get a black screen...
I`ve tried to flash a new room (stands here in the forum), but only get the fellowing errormessage:--> Erase File-System partition Fail! Exit!Maybe the kernel don`t support this NAND FlashThis error comes with original Eken M001 1.7.4 firmware...Now my quest is: Is it broken (then flashmemory)? Hope you can help me.With kind regardsISDNRaiser
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thank you for the quick answer. But it doesn`t help. I formated a 4gb sd card to fat32 32kb, copied the files on it and the same error came. Is there another hint for me? I`m very unhappy with this situation. Thanks to all who can help. If the eken is broken, is there anybody who can repair it? I will pay for it, if it will work after it...
This still doesn`t work... everytime the same error...
also with 1gb and a 2gb card... oh man... this is disgusting... thanks for your help... but i think, i have a brick by now...
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