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Well I had market working What I did was:Unzipped the to C:eek:sRan the update.bat in the C:OSPlugged the USB into the gentouch and did the reset while holding the first buttonThe update flashed the recovery, boot, and systemUnplugged the augen and powered off and on - came up with the new green android screenAll the old apps were still there Reset the gentouch while holding the second button to get into clockwork recoveryUsed clockwork to wipe the data/factory and cache paritionused clock work to apply bootimg-su-googleapps-host-pirate-update3.zipRebooted with the pirate android screenAll apps I previously installed were gone (assuming clearing the data directory did that)Skipped out of the setup before signing into gmail accountThe original apps (less the ones the update3 deletes) and the google apps were all thereGentouch was still rootedUsed terminal to check gls.db android id = 0Got setup running and signed into with gmail account used terminal to check gls.db android id and it was 2xxxxxx...Opened market and was able to search and download appsWorked for about 24 hours including several rebootsThen market stopped downloading - say app will be downloaded but just hangs Shows installed apps and flags which ones have updates, but will not download new apps or updatesThe download bar comes up but never changesChecked still logged into gmail and receiving mail fineChecked android ID in gls still the sameUsed clockwork recovery to clear the cacheMarket still not downloadingSD card 14.90 GB /12.90 GB freeInternal Storage 150 MB/ 45.11 MB freeSystem cache 315 MB/ 99.32 MB freeMemory 154 MB/ 23.76 MB freeTried entering from terminalsubusybox umount /cachebusybox mount -o bind /data/cache /cacheMarket still not workingWiped the cache parition with clockworkReapplied the with clockworkMarket still not workingAny suggestion from anyone that understands the market and the problemAre there any know apps that break market?I did not see any way to log market out of my gmail account and then log back in.Thanks for any suggestions.It was so much nicer when market was working. Though there were still a couple of apps that saw in PC browser on the market web page, that the android market could not seem to find.
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