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Just a quick note to let you all know I've figured out a workaround to the fact that Market is crippled on the A81E.This is NOT a fix for market. Market continues to be crippled for the time being and I'll leave it to smarter people than me to fix it ;)This is not really rocket science either. Many of you might already know how to do this or have better and easier ways to achieve the same results. PLEASE SHARE!The basics are that you download apps on a device with a working (non-crippled) market and transfer the APKs to your slate. If you own a device with a working market (like a phone, say) then this is pretty easy. If (like me) you don't, then read on.1) Set up android SDK. Most people who've done some hacking or modding on their Android devices will already have this working.You can easily find better instructions online for installing this than I could give here, so I won't bother.2) Run a Market enabled emulated machine image. Make sure you give it an SD card. 256 meg ought to be plenty. If you've ever generated yourself an Android ID, then you've already done this.Again, you can find various other threads here, I don't really have time to do the searching but if someone would be so kind as to link to instructions I will update this guide later.3) Configure market etc.4) Download and install the apps you want to the emulated handset via Market5) Download and install Astro File Manager on the the emulated handset via Market.6) Run Astro and back up the apps to the emulated SD card.
  • Run Astro
  • Click Menu
  • Tools
  • Application Manager/Backup
7) Shut down the emulated handset8) Mount the sdcard.img on your PC. There's a very good explanation of how to do this here: deltafalcon's blog ? Tutorial: Read/Write Android sdcard.img in Windows9) Copy the APK files to your Slate.10) Install your applications!At this stage, I've only done this with free apps, unprotected apps.
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