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Market Issue

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Hi,I've just received my new A81E, I flashed Mns custom firmware 0809 but I'm not able to access the Market which prevents me from downloading any applications even like Opera browser. I tried to use SlideME but there is no search option there.Did anybody succeed to use the Android Market?
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Market works for me, but does not find most of the apps. SlideME does have a search option, just open the menu with the menu key.
Look for the application "Apktor" and add repositories to that, this will be your market this thread ,look to the last post for repositories.
Didn't the video review say that it would have access to the full market? I hope this is something Nationite is working on. :(And how'd you get yours so fast?! LOL
First of all thank you all for your replies, it really helped get some applications ;) And for your question BratDawg, I didnt get the Nationite device, I've got the A81E which I've ordered from an AliExpress seller
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patrice_m;44484 said:
Thank, but it didnt work for me. The market still missing most of the applications
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