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Make a USB Host Cable

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Just a few photos to help with the process of converting a standard Eken (or Iphone type) cable to a USB Host cable to allow connecting a USB keyboard, mouse, thumb drive, or with power, a hard drive, etc.First step is separating the shell. I used an Exacto knife to carefully press a little down the parting line at each of the 4 corners of the shell, and also at the fake strain relief (really part of the hard plastic shell) surrounding the cable.This view is the top of the connector. When re-assembling it is very important to remember which way the pieces go, including pins, and the small catches at either side of the connector. Photos like these help.
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great guide stick it !! vtpad in 5 post for semplicity add front photo of connector i think this give many help for good orentation.
vtpad if you want create y cable (slave and host) buy same my connector type .i see it on ebay and dealextreme.example.
my is simple host converter (don't tested because my m001 is in china for now) but on back hole have space for other cable if any want create host and slave cableif my idea design works my usb port are on back of m001 nice for connect external case on back of m001 with usb hub cam and battery pack ecc...this is my idea..same carnivore but only in external box for don't touch original case of pad.this is frist part of my modding if my m001 arrive......
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i buy from pandawill a usb cable is good manufacting and very nice price it work fine with m001 perfect and simple solution.

Need only some time for shipping
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1 - 5 of 151 Posts
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