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Hi,I've been posting here, lusting after an Android tablet for several months now. I come from a MS Windows background but the job I took three years ago at a major University dropped me into the Mac world. I bought an iPhone a year ago. As part of my job I get to try out and play with (Apple) technology. I have an kitted out iPad that they have provided for me. After several months use of a iPad I have been left wanting more than it offers. It's just too darn restrictive. What works on an iPhone seems cramped and convoluted on a tablet.Recently a local company has started to sell chinese Android tablets to the public. Sensing big sales they've provided me with use of several Android tablets. And from this I can see the potential in Android to be the MS Windows of the tablet world. I want in. After almost buying several tablets I have made my choice. I am waiting for the Notion Ink Adam, when they offer the chance to pre-order I will be amongst the first.Robert
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