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Just looking for some advice.
I have an M11 external 3g support with ICS 4.0 currently.
Using wifi mostly but i intend to purchase an Unlocked Huawei E1750 external 3g Dongle so i dont have to rely on wifi hotspots or my home wifi network.
From what i can gather i just need to plug it in the usb port and it should then pick up the 3g network native to my 3g simcard.
The sim i am intending to use is from a unused phone that is still active which had data and voice enabled.
Does this mean i will theoretically be able to make voice calls over the 3g network from my M11 or am i just dreaming (not that i want to be seen holding a 9.7" tablet to my ear).
is the mobile network configuration self explanatory to connect and do i need an app to enable me to make calls.

I have seen internal 3g tablets that include an app or icon for making voice calls.will one of these be loaded automatically when i connect the E1750 or do i need to download one. If i need to download can anyone recommend me one.

Waiting in anticipation.

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