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having trouble with my tablet.
its an eken m009s-v6 with cpu668-u5
put new firemware on and it boots up to the android man then loads to the name but goes no futher.
cant seen to get it to reboot into safe mode or any way to change settings
have taken it apart and took the battery lead out left unconected for a couple of mins then when restarting with micro card in it wont load any new firmware it still goes to the sat up and then stuck on the name.
is there any way of pressing sertain keys to reboot, there is no reintall switc but when took apart it had a button inside when pressed just turned machine off.
i have reinstaled firmware in the past but lost use of touch screen but used the mouse,have not used for a while so put newfirware on an now boot but gets stuck on embrod name no futher.
feel like chucking it.
any help would be most wellcom.
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