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M003 turns off before android os is completly loaded

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Hello everyoneI received my elken M003 is my first tablet and I can not start it correctly.he load the bios and after it loads android OS (version of color chart).After a few Segonds the M003 turns off .can you help me please.
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I have not received the allim with the device. tests were done with the usb connected to a PC on. there is no light lit on the edge of the device. I'm leaving the M003 on a pc all night?
The tablet doesn't charge via USB. You cannot charge it with your PC. If your charger stopped working you will need to buy a universal adaptor. I'm sorry but Chinese chargers suck
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i've the same problem, i buy a universal adaptor but the battery seems to charge, but not, when i disconnect the adaptor it shut down
I know, it seems that universal adaptors make our device work on the main's Ac power supply and so it needs to be plugged. I'm not sure if there exists a working alternative charger for the Eken M003. Anybody know anything?
I had 9V 1.5amp charger with wrong size tip so I cut that off. Cut off tip from dead charger that came with M003 and connected it to and put on old charger. Charges fine battery several hours. Not sure how long now I as just changed firmware, screen saver etc.
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