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M003 owner in the Netherlands

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Hi, I am Hans Otten, live in the Netherlands. Seeing the M003 at DealExtreme, and reading about the Eken, well, I just had to find out if it is any good. So I ordered one on may 22 , and it arrived a week ago.I did not have too high expectations, low price means probably low build quality, and slow cpu. But it is not bad at all. Good for ebook reading, photoframe, browsing (if you get for example the Dolphin browser, the builtin is garbage and no flash/video), listening to music. And control my lights at home via X10 - .Not so good for watching video, not enough cpu/video accelleration available.The ports work, sound output, the USB port accepts either a mouse or a USB stick (udisk in the file explorer), the usb cable connected to the PC accesse the internal flash 2 GB disk. Rotation detection is unreliable, it takes rotating the device the wrong way to work sometimes.Firmware is 1.7.2. Battery life is 2 hours or so with wifi on, and the devicxe feels warm then. 3 to 4 with wifi switched off.Its slow, and that is irritating sometimes. And its not a good touch screen, using a stylus works much better.So its not the iPad killer some hope it be. And even my old iPaq has better video! So I use it for reading ebooks, switch off my lights, listening to music, as a photoframe and some light browsing.Not too bad for the $135 !
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