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A couple of months ago I got an M001 that I'm writing it off as a lost cause. Before I buy something better I want to know what the users here think is advisable. The easiest way to do this is to bitch a bit about the M001 and then explain what I am looking for.It took about two weeks to scroll for the first time on the M001. It's still a pain even after calibrating and loading SlateDroid firmware. The accelerometer doesn't work consistently, so the thing doesn't orient the screen correctly automatically (I hate the default landscape mode). The little rotate icon that one of the settings gave me worked, but disappears at least once a day, requiring that I change the settings to get it back, and there's no mode setting that consistently produces the rotate icon. The USB slave/host port issue is a problem. I did the cable mods suggested here, but the thing still refuses to recognize any USB device. And so on and so on...There are two things I want to use it for. First, an ebook reader. My biggest problem with this is the scrolling mechanism, even when it works. It's impossible to get lost in a book when every 30 seconds you have to raise your arm up in front of your body like an orchestra conductor and make a dramatic gesture, scraping your fingernail across the screen, to turn a page. With a real book you can turn pages unconsciously. Is there an ebook capable tablet out there with real "turn the page" buttons, or at least icons? Color and high resolution would be nice, but that's probably too much to hope for. I'm looking at a "Nook" for this, but I need input from someone who actually owns one. I can't even tell from it's online description if any of the built-in buttons are for page turning.Second, I'd like a tablet that I can attach an external USB keyboard and mouse, and a screen to, and start word processing. I suspect the external screen is too much to hope for, but the external keyboard and mouse are a must, as is a good WP like Word. I'd be happy with something that has no built-in screen of it's own, just a battery, some memory, a cpu a graphics port and a usb port in a little box, but I don't think they make anything like that. Is there a tablet that comes close? I'm thinking of the Eken M003, but after my experiences with the M001, I'm not trusting of the brand.thanks,t
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