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Low Budget Recommendation: Quad-Core tablet 9.7 inch Letine LT907C/D ?

As I am very satisfied with my A31-Retina-Tablet Teclast A10HD I went on to explore one of the lowest-price-NON-retina quad-core-tablets.

So I found this device. For sure there are lots of other devices which are better. But they cost twice or three times of this tablet's price (also if you buy online from Chinese suppliers). I think there are lots of people who don't have or don't want to spend too much money for a big quad-core-tablet. These could be the right target group for this device because of:


+ Nice price of 128 USD incl. shipping (02/2014)

+ Excellent built quality (no gaps, no squeak, no loose buttons)

+ Nice housing (at least IMHO)

+ My favorite screen ratio: 4:3

+ Beautiful colors and clear screen

+ Good and powerful hardware (A31s-QuadCore + 1 GB RAM)

+ Good and prerooted firmware (no bloatware). Most other Chinese tablets are unusuable out of the box.

+ Strong battery time of more than 6 hours


- Bad viewing angle = biggest problem

- Low resolution: 1024x768 = small problem if you are not getting used to use a Retina-device

- Heavy weight: 680g = small problem

- Original stockrom only has an app-partition of 1 GB (solved: I made a modified stockrom with data-Partition of 2 GB. Thanks to curt54 for making the partition-info-files for me).


If you know a little about Chinese tablets you have to guess that the Letine LT907C/D ? is not as good as a device made by Teclast, iFive or Pipo. But also the price is much more lower. So this could be the perfect device for new tablet-owners (beginners) or users willing to pay a low price but nevertheless wanting a powerful tablet.

That's why I recommend the device for beginners, young people with little money, non-power-users or simply as a second device for these reasons:

  • Great built quality
  • Powerful hardware
  • Firmware out of the box: good, prerooted, no bloatware
  • Good battery


I don't know the manufacturer Letine and regarding the firmware file it is hard for me to identify the tablets model number. Nevertheless I am very impressed of the tablets quality. But I don't expect future support for releasing new firmwares from Letine.

I bought the device from Shenzhen Lianxintai Technology Co., Ltd. at AliExpress for 128 USD. I can higly recommend this supplier. Jessica Dai kept all promises she made to me. She sent out the device exactly at the promised time (first day after new-years-holidays). And she provided the firmware-file for me as I asked for. My tablet's colors are not silver-white but grey-black and the weight is 680g instead of 500g, but that is not a problem. The contact to Jessica was very nice. After 2 weeks with China Post I received the device in Germany. It was fully loaded to 100% and I could use it without waiting for the charging process.

9.7" Android 4.2 A31S ARM Cortex A7 1G/8GB HD Capacitive 1024*768



Original and untouched:

Firmware Mod:

1. Added some apps to system/app: GSamBatteryMonitor, Rebooter, RootExplorer, SuperSU
2. Added some apps to system/preinstall: AndroidSystemInfo, AndroidTerminalEmulator, DolphinBrowser, HoloLauncherHD, ROMToolboxLite, TitaniumBackup
3. Changed language and location to DE
4. Changed DPI from 160 down to 140
5. build.prop tweaked
6. Changed second bootlogo (initlogo) to pogo-ARM (boot.fex)
7. Changed bootanimation in system/media
8. Resized app-partition (data) from 1GB up to 2GB

How to do:
a) Flash .img with PhoenixSuit:
- Start PhoenixSuit and load the firmware.img
- Connect USB cable to the tablet first
- Keep holding the back-hardware-key (ESC) on the tablet
- Connect USB cable to the Windows computer
- Press the power button on the tablet once each second (for about 10 times) until you see a message shown on PhoenixSuit.
- Release both buttons of the tablet
- Confirm the PhoenixSuite message
- Wait until flashing is finished
- Reboot your tablet and let it rest about 3 minutes until all apps are preinstalled
b. Change the language from DE to your language and enjoy.

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How about the wifi reception? I have tried so far two low-budget tablets, a Manta and a Virgo, very close in price with what you have paid but unfortunately both shared the same weakness of being unable to connect with any wifi router beyond 6-feet range!

Looking forward for your answer. (This is my first post so probably I will not be able to see your reply, can you please also pm me your feedback regarding this aspect?)

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@ MitsosV

Sorry for replying late. I did not have any wifi-problems over 5 meters through 1 wall. My recommendation for this tablet belongs to the superb build quality for the price of 130 USD. But for 180 USD I would not buy the item. Spending 180 USD I would look for an tablet with retina screen (Onda 97x, Colorfly etc.).
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