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hi there, i dont own one yet. But i have been looking around the forums for a good week now. I ordered the apad rockchip. 115 quid, when it came i was upset to see it was one of the blue light models. Meaning it cant be flashed with different roms.From the videos i saw and peoples reviews. I think the rockchip apad is a good solid device and will do all the things you want. If u want to play a little bit more, there is a new version out friday which has an 800mhz telechip processor and 256mb ram. The rockchip only has 128mb of ram.The rockchip will likely be stuck on 1.5 as development for new versions has been halted. But if u pay the extra and get the telechip one. It looks the exact same, has more memory, comes running 2.1 and should have a 2.2 upgrade soon.Plus being a 7 inch for factor it should be a perfect size for a student to carry about. or so i would think. Chinagrabber going by the forums is a reliable site. Just look for seller reviews and feedback :)yeah shipping can be expensive, but all in for the one i want, 50 dollar shipping is no big deal. With a better processor and more memory, its worth that little bit extra
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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