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Update log:
(09/11/13) added: miui v5.3.10.27 ReaGan SuJen Def. Ed.163
(13/11/13) added: updates: Vibe,Sony(ReaGan),LeWaOS, AOSP 4.2.1 mLarge,AOSP 4.2.1(ReaGan)
(14/11/13) added: s150 ROM MOD v3.1 by MANOWARACERO and pakyto
(15/11/13) added: lenovo apps v2
(26/11/13) added: cappa v5.3 V1, sniperok163 4.2.2 asop style port
(05/12/13) added: Petro1990_s920_port_v1, Google Installer app
(06/12/13) added: Vanilla AOSP HoloDark 1.4(vMS1.9 fix) S150, LeWaOS5 S920 port by Petro1990
(07/12/13) added: a pol to the blog(check below. So far: 0 votes thanks!)
(12/12/13) added: miui v5(reagan sujen update 10/12/13), Petro1990 s920 rom update patch
(15/12/13) added: s150 ROM MOD v3.2 by MANOWARACERO and pakyto
(18/12/13) added: coloros v1.0.0.3 Port(reagan sujen 101213)
(25/12/13) added: new Google Keyboard
(28/12/13) added: custom miui v5 3.11.29 niperok163 + updated official to 3.12.20
(28/12/13) added: asop 4.2.1 alternative v1.0 by smart-ass_fox, vibe by Artisan Team rc2
(30/12/13) added: coloros v1.02 port(small_haircut)
(02/01/13) added: coloros v1.0.0.4 RC1 (reagan_sujen), miui v5 3.12.31 (reagan_sujen)
(03/01/13) added: miui_v5_a820-JHBCNAL5.0_small_haircut
(04/01/14) added: blog entry for the manual by capp72
(09/01/14) added: miui_v5.4.1.3 (jb4.2) two versions
(12/01/13) added: xperia kitkat style jb4.2.2 v1.0 sniperok163

(16/01/14) added: vibe by petro1990 v1.1(jb4.2.2 s920 port base)

(22/01/14) added: beat - cloud and music player beta
(26/01/14) added: coloros v1.0.0 petro1990 aroma installer v2.1
(27/01/14) added: Vanilla AOSP HoloDark 1.4SE (by Denis Berezin. Special edition for Vladislav Skoupski AKA capitaine le Sang)
Download the official rom pack with all the tools first. (Post #2)
Follow the instructions ...que? Use it to download TWRP to device.

For TWRP, CWM and other handy tools <go here>

<!>> Remember, flashing is at your own risk. RTFM!
For the latest lenovo apps <go here>
For even more extra's <go here>

!<here CN>and <here Eng)(pdf)


<!>> Got an favorite ROM you want to give a boost? Check out the blog and do the pol.


<?> if you have something that's not on here let us know -

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OTA upgrade on an new device will leave most Chinese text in place. It's best to do an clean flash
to remove most Chinese text and to set English at boot. Remove other apps at will and disable the rest.

OFFICIAL A820 ROM availability:

Recommended : obsolete
Official : A820_S135_130313
Date : 13.03.2013
Brand : Lenovo
ОS : Android 4.1.2
Type : Lenovo rom
Language : CN/ENG

-Modify dual card management specifications, </i></font></font><br />
<font face="Verdana"><font size="2"><i> -open the SMS default settings, </i></font></font><br />
<font face="Verdana"><font size="2"><i> -when both dual cards are inserted, it will change the default calls </i></font></font><br />
<font face="Verdana"><font size="2"><i> -and text messages to always choose modify the phone (supports HSPA +) </i></font></font><br />
<font face="Verdana"><font size="2"><i> -connects to the Internet, it can be displayed H + (old version can only display H)</i></font></font><br />
<font face="Verdana"><font size="2"><i> -Modify the phone black screen problem in the sun.</i></font></font><br />
<font face="Verdana"><font size="2"><i> -Modifiy always prompt choose options when it has dual cards
Download : <obsolete>

Recommended : *******
Official : A820_S138_130419*
Contains Flashtool and drivers:
Date : 19.04.2013
Brand : Lenovo
ОS : Android 4.1.2
Type : Lenovo rom
Language : CN/ENG
Tested : ok
Download : <here>
ref. http://lenovobbs.cnm...803614-1-1.html

- lots of CN apps can be removed

<?> can someone upload some screenshots of the official rom. Thanks!

Recommended : *******
Official : A820_S139_130422*
Date : 22.05.2013
Brand : Lenovo
ОS : Android 4.1.2
Type : Lenovo rom
Language : CN/ENG
Tested : ok
There should be an small OTA update packet.
If I find it I will post it here

-Stability fixes

Contain only a recovery flash file:
Download(rar) : <here>
Download(zip) : <here>
Download(rooted) : <here>

- lots of apps can be removed

*To root use the instructions in post #1

Official : A820_S147_130719 *
Date : 13.07.2013
Brand : Lenovo
ОS : Android 4.1.2
Type : Lenovo rom
Language : CN/ENG
Tested : no feedback yet
Download : <here> pass: leask

Official : A820_S150_1003
Date : 03.10.2013
Brand : Lenovo
ОS : Android 4.1.2
Type : Lenovo rom
Language : CN/ENG
Tested : no feedback yet
Download : <here> down till further notice


- Hommy Official Mod : base A820_S150
Date : 26.09.2013 Brand : Lenovo
ОS : Android 4.1.2
Type : Lenovo rom
Language : CN/ENG
Tested : no feedback yet
Download : <here>down till further notice

- Zheb Official Mod : A820_S150_cs34ffa50
Recommended : *******
Date : 20/10/2013
Brand : Lenovo
ОS : Android 4.1.2
Type : Lenovo rom
Language : CN/ENG
Tested : seems fine. very stock with some minor improvements
Download : <here>(pass:vdyv)
Based on official s150
Optimized and streamlined.
Removed all unnecessary Chinese apps except lenovo optimizations
Replaced official home with more beautiful one
Very fast and stable

- maiyujian's s150 rom : A820-S150-Original Desktop_signed

Date : 25/09/2013
Brand : Lenovo
ОS : Android 4.1.2
Type : Lenovo rom
Language : CN/ENG
Tested : no feedback yet
Download : <here>

-Based on official s150

- S150 ROM MOD v3.1+v3.2 by MANOWARACERO and pakyto New

Recommended : *******
Date : 04/11/2013 - 15/12/2013
Brand : Lenovo
ОS : Android 4.1.2
Type : Lenovo s150 rom
Language : Multi Language
Tested :
For DOWNLOAD <go here>

Its multi language but not all standard one.
No scadinavian, no Dutch(Nederlands)
Comes with:
- Basha Indonasia, Melayu, Deutsch, Englisch, Espanol,Francais, Italiano, portugues, Viet, Turkce, Rusky, Polski, Magreb, Chinese and some other Asian I can't read.
- only has a few developer options active, but can be fixed using xpose
- data is standard on(which is a no-no)
- comes with Lenovo and Nova launcher
- newest lenovo contactmanager(+dialpad)
- latest lenovo compatible apps.
- camera works, rec works
- gps works
- fm radio works without plug
- wifi mac changes and makes connecting to registered router troublesome(reboot with wifi on to reset)
- Spantanious reboots -> need more confirmation on this

needs some more testing for bugs but best s150 so far.
(rom suggested by makayg)

- Eliminated Children in notification bar for it being so useless.
- Changed Settings with autostart option.
- Change lock screen CRT (old screen) effect.
- Added Keyboard from Xperia
- Updated and improved translation of applications(only sp) LENOVO 15/12/2013 (thanks to @ Maraver )
- Other performance enhancements and actualizations.
- Integrated support for init.d (no separate installation required).
- Other improvements and amendments to the collection.

- Google Play 4.5.10
- Google Calendar 20130802
- Synthesis of Google 2.4.3
- 4.0.34 + Play Google Services
- Xposed 2.4.1 Installer
- Gravity Box 2.8.1
- Generally update all applications included

- no feedback yet

(black corners are from the roundr app, LWP for testing from the playstore)
OFFICIAL A830 ROM availability:
nothing yet(feel free to suggest till then)

OFFICIAL S820 ROM availability:
s137(130711)(pass: contains install tools
s140(130813) (pass:leask)

Custom Rom's:

VIBEROM V1.0 1343 ST
Download <here>

MIUI V5 s820_3.11.1(30/10/13) : Experimental :
Download <here>

Lenovo Stock Rom


- Vanilla AOSP Superthan (+HoloDark
smart-ass_fox edit) New
Date : 09/20/2013
Brand :
Base - Star(S7589)
ОS : AOSP Android 4.1.2
Type : modded rom
Language : Multi language
Tested :
no feedback yet

For DOWNLOAD <go here> (mirrors are appreciated, thanks)
- Multilang.
- Rooted.
- Init.d support.

Install ROM:
TWRP: .. standard routine
Don't be a leech and share you experience with this rom

- Vanilla AOSP HoloDark 1.4 (vMS 1.9) S150(base Superthan modded by smart-ass_fox edit mastersanta) New
Date : 14/10/2013
Brand :
Base - Star(S7589)
ОS : AOSP Android 4.1.2
Type : modded rom
Language : Multi language
Tested :
no feedback yet

For DOWNLOAD <go here> (mirrors are appreciated, thanks)

- Pure black with Android Holo dark theme.
- Full Root Access.
- A fully configured for use after the first start.
- No third-party software - only stock Android Apps(Exception: a third-party clock widget, SuperSU - management program as root)
- Russification 99.9%
- Helvetica font
- Ability to enter the engineering menu without using third-party software
- Redesigned for beauty and comfort status bar.
- Replaced the battery indicator on such interest.
- Redesigned lock screen. All the elements are centered and enlarged.
- Hidden useless settings that look CORN(by type of sensor calibration)
- Standard camera will no longer annoy others nasty sound AF.
- Video is recorded in mp4
- Removed boot sound. Standard animation android replaced.
- Ability to set a ringtone for each simkarty right "out of the box" - without the use of third-party software.
- Photo on the full screen when you call.
- Manage startup programs directly from the settings.
- Fixed flaws Russification.
- Busybox is integrated into the firmware.
- Added menu reboot with the possibility to go to rekaveri.
- "Repainted" standard utilities, which had up to this bright design theme.
- Launcher displays icons on the number of missed events.

non sofare. need more feedback

- AOSP Android 4.2.1 s150 base(mLarge) : Experimental :

Date : 13/11/13
For DOWNLOAD <go here> (mirrors are appreciated, thanks)
Language : CN/Eng
no feedback yet

- AOSP Lenovo A820 native 4.2(ReaGan) : Experimental :

Date : (1)10/31/2013 (2)07/11/2013
Brand : Lenovo
ОS : Android 4.2.1 s150
Type : Lenovo rom
Language : CN/ENG
Tested :
no feedback yet

<go here>
(mirrors are appreciated, thanks)
- no camera

- AOSP 4.2.1 ALTERNATIVE v1.0 by smart-ass_fox() : experimental :
Date : 22/12/13
Brand : Lenovo
ОS : Android 4.2.1
Type : Lenovo rom
Language : Rus/ENG

Tested :
no feedback yet
For DOWNLOAD <go here> (mirrors are appreciated, thanks)


383 Posts

(WM aka M Antutu 13600 Gbench2 1471)
It seems that the MK6589WM, aka M, has been used for the A820. Apart from the gpu on the standard MK6589 being clocked higher,
the performance will be just about the same for the qHD ips display, with the added power efficiency as bonus.

Only things that 'may' be missed on the A820 are a flash and a front camera. But the 8 mp bsi camera sensor makes up for it
by utilizing it's low light environment capabilities. Meaning less intrusive flashlight is needed.

Others versions of the model are:

A830, released early May 2013, is a 5'' model with flashlight. It is larger and comes with an 2200mAh battery.
specifications are the same as the A820 and has an slightly different casing (147 x 73 x 9.4 mm - 165g)

A830 Recovery <here>
Custom ROM V7_Jack44 (20130701)
MIUI v5 <here> (20130523)

A820T, again the same specs but It doesn't come with WCDMA 3G support, but is GSM/EDGE unlocked
and has an slightly different casing.

A820e, is the Qualcomm version using a Snapdragon 200 S4 Quad Core (MSM8225Q) SoC running at 1.2Ghz(?)
It also has an 8mp camera, has an Adreno 203 gpu and comes with an flash on the back. (Antutu 10910?)
Its not officially available for the western market but supports GSM/CDMA2000 1xEV-DO and has an slightly different
casing and higher price tag.
ROM's cn here and lenovohome
USB driver

Modded ROM : and
Streamlined version firmware A820e_1_S_2_002_0081/rooted(130513)

Official ROM :

S820, release May 13 is an other MTK version using a MTK 6589W Quad Core SoC running at 1.2Ghz
It has an 12mp camera with flash and front cam, also and 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.7 inches screen. 2000mAh battery and runs JB4.2.
Better specs come with an higher price tag, currently twice as much as the A820. It also sports an different casing in an variety of colors.
nothing at this time...

lenovo Ideaphone A800
( Antutu aprox. 6200 gbench2 1050)

A800, released early 2013 is the dualcore version with MT6577T running 1.2Ghz and an PowerVR SGX531 GPU
Currently(A800 has 512MB RAM) only supports Android ICS 4.0.4 and although it is an A8xx with qHD res. it
has slightly different hardware and has an different casing.(spec. 4.5'' IPS, 4Gb ROM,2sim, gps,bt4.0,sd, 5 mp(no flash)
Good low price device, bad community support. Rom developments, aside from lenovo, is weak and sloppy.

If you think this information is wrong, please let me know and I will adjust it accordingly.

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MIUI v5 (for_A820_V5.3.2)(Best mod.) *******
MIUI v5 (for_A820_V5.3.10.29 - Mkey) jb4.2.1(port.30/10/2013, battery drain) : Experimental :
MIUI v5 (for_A820_V5.3.12.31 - ReaGan SuJen) jb4.2.1(port, 01/01/2014, not tested) New
MIUI v5 (for_A820_V55.3.11.29 niperok163)(Fly port 27/12/13)
<!>Roms are now also available trough the 'Official Affiliated' MIUI forums
but without lenovo apps like FM Radio>
() 3.12.20

>> latest 'Official' version 4.1.3 <<

As always if you have tips, bugs suggestions or found the perfect version post them here.

Recommended : *******
For DOWNLOADS <go here>

- Video Demo MIUI v5[/media]

Please note that Google apps are not really supported on MIUI
for the obvious reason that MIUI isn't officialy part of Google and there's
also is a lot of splintering in the MIUI ports branches for other devices.
That being said, try it out, it may work for your build.

If you find one that works let us know.

Gapps Installer app, try it <here> needs an clean install

or try:

Mini Gapps for MIUI(jb4.1.2 03/01/2013) : <here*> tested ok
Mini Gapps for MIUI(jb4.2.2 16/08/2013) : <here>
Mini Gapps for MIUI(jb4.2.2 06/10/2013) : <here>)

or try:

Signed (13/08/2013) : <here>

Also check this blog entry for more play store options.

screenshot: miui v1.3.10.14


383 Posts

- LeWa OS
Recommended :*******
(2) LeWaOS5 (Reagan SuJen edition)
(3) LeWaOS5 (Reagan SuJen edition)
(4) LeWaOS5 (Reagan SuJen edition)
(5) LeWaOS5 (Petro1990 S920 Port)
(MENGXINCUN_LeWa_lenovo A820_JB2_ROM_13.03.29_dcc0b)
Date : (1)29/03/13 (2)20/09/13 (3)12/10/13 (4)08/11/13 (5)06/12/2013
Brand : LeWa
ОS: Android 4.2.1
Type : Complete Mod

Language : CN/Eng..
<go here>
Tested : no feedback yet(1)
Homepage : LeWa OS
Video Demo LeWa OS <here>
Know bugs:


- Yunos Cloud OS 2.0 for A820 : Experimental :

Recommended : *******
Custom : Contact A820 - 20130603
Screenhots : <here>

Date : 05-06-13
Brand : Yunos
ОS: Android 4.?.?
Type : Complete Mod(
Cloud OS port)
Language : CN/Eng.. others?

Download <here>
Tested : no feedback yet
1,Ali cloud-based official 2.0 port.
2,zipalign streamlined and optimized for improved fluency.
3,rooted, you can easily delete the built-in program.
4,Ali cloud connection if needed.
5,Sony's screen optimization.
6,Default set to external sd card.

Vibe by ReaGan SuJen 1-(24/10/13) 2-(rc2 13/11/13)
Vibe by Artisan Team 3-(rc2 28/12/13)

Vibe by Petro1990(s920 port base)(10/01/14) New
Date : ...
Brand : Yunos
ОS: Android 4.2
Type : port (Huawei)

Language : CN/Eng.. others?

<go here>

- Cappa72

Recommended : ********
Custom : CP4.2v1
Custom : CP5.3

Custom : CP5.3 V1(251113)
Date : 04/05/13 - 13/10/13 - 25/11/13
Brand : ZTE
ОS : Android 4.1.2
Type : AOSP
ZTE MOD(lenovo s138/s150)
Language : Multi(NL, FR, ENG...)
ROM forum : <here> Tested : no feedback yet (please donate screenshots)


The kernel has changed to A820_YDSS_S130_130324.
The camera application does not generate green bands in playback.
The default language was set to English, default time zone was set to London.

Download : <here>
CP4.2 V1

The kernel has changed to A820_S138_130419

Bug list
#3 - CP4.2-v1 - Wen try to choose themes, the lauched is Force Closed (FC)
#4 - CP4.2-v1 - Serial number is 0123456789ABCDEF instead of the original S/N
#5 - CP4.2-v1 - Under the battery level of 15% the SystemUI is Force Closed (FC) - was a user error, when people deleted the necessary ui files.

Download : <here>
CP5.3 V0:

Aroma Install core installation options selected.
- Kernel: factory-S150's designation.
- Modified SystemUI.apk - 1% charge-back signal. Hide unused sim-field feedback automatically. - By @ xda jwchen119
- Modified Settings.apk - no scene selection options - by apeelme.
- There's dual sim ringer, as it is in the gravitybox. Therefore, max. disruption it would rather not have it.
- Modem.img (baseline), the S150's InstallShield Update
- Gps.conf - EU-set
- The apns.xml was modified because of the Telenor traffic "net" was re-set at default - "online" (this works in the case of post-paid subscriptions), so switched it working.
- GPS tracker solver added to the build.prop. (Dalvik.vm.execution-mode = int: fast)
- reversed so that the green strips 720p playback no longer the case, either.

Many more small thing to you:
- Several selectable boot animation
- Several continents drugged optional gps.conf
- Optional FM radio (factory or stock-lenovo-android)
- Updated 3rd party software (MUT, ESexplorer, etc ...)
- Correct changelog.
- Basic settings do not appear V987, for example. WIFI hotspot.

Download: <here> (mirror <none>)

CP5.3 V1:
Change log; what's new compared to CP4.2
Aromainstaller is used for optional installation possibilities.
- still Jelly Bean 4.1
- kernel is the stock S150
- Modified systemUI by [email protected] (1% battery signal; automatic hide function for non-used sim signal)
- Modified Settings by apeelme (sloving bug #3)
- Baseband is from the stock ROM S150.
- gps.conf is set to EU by default
- apns.xml is modified for Telenor-HU from "net" to "online"
- gps-tracker solver added to build.prop (dalvik.vm.execution-mode=int:fast)
- replaced to solve green bars in case of video playback.
- updated MobileUncleTools (2.9.5) in case of 3rd party SW.

Important feature!
If you have already repartitioned with the script, you can simply install this ROM, it will recognise that the repartition had been done; and you do not have to run "disable internal SD card" script from CWM.
But please note that this function is onyl available with the repartition script; with Meteos rom editor repartitioning this function is not available.

Download : <here>(md5sum: 3881d5a0389889999a87468ce3e8e515)



- LenovoA820 Petro1990 S920 Port v1.0

Recommended : *******

Date : 03/12/2013
Brand : Lenovo
ОS : Android 4.2.1

Type : Lenovo s920 port
Language : Multi Language(see below)
Tested : no feedback yet

For DOWNLOAD <go here>

Tip By: makayg

- Assisted Panoramic shot and Multi-Angle shot work
- FM-radio works without antenna
Extra apps:
- rooted (SuperSU 1.8 )
- installed Gapps framework with Play store
- Lenovo SuperCamera 3.5.5 with auto focus
- Mobileuncletools v2.9.5
- Root Explorer v3.1.4
- Latest lenovo apps
Other Features:
For Taskmanager, press-n-hold left button(not the "Home" button)
New toast
New look
Android 4.2.1

- Bahasha
- English
- Espanol
- Francais
- Viet
- Rusky
- Ukrain
- Magreb
- CN
- Indy
- no Dutch
- no Scandinavian
- no German

ebsbow tested:
All works fine so fare
- 2g, 3g, gps, fmradio, autofocus, new toasters,..
- battery seems fine maybe a tad more higher

Bugs ea.
- missing some developer options
- in some applications the text is white on a white background
- usb connection problem(not verified)

- update patch to get cpu in deepsleep
- added init.d supprt



- A820 with Samsung Touchwiz
- Heartbeats:Galaxy S4 UI A820(full Samsung S4 ROM port)
- Galaxy S4 A820 ReaGan SuJen : Experimental :

Recommended : ********
Custom : Touchwiz (Samsung S4) interface
Date : varia
Brand : ZTE
ОS : Android 4.1.2
Type : AOSP ZTE(lenovo mod s139)
Language : CN/ENG.. other?

Tested : no feedback yet

30-03-13) : <here>
19-04-13) : <here>
Download(23-05-13) : <here>Samsung s3 style camera optimized S139 base (3.4.5 kernel)
Download(24-05-13) : <here>(with gapps) base s138 or s139?
v 23-05-13 changelog
1, remove the Wo 3G boot logo, change the first screen a second screen for the lenovo original log.
2, rooted.
3, the camera underlying parameter optimization, photo effects than the official version has greatly improved.
3, the percentage of electricity can be freely set - battery - easily switch.
4, adding Samsung s3 frame, depth high imitation.

Custom : Heartbeats:Galaxy S4 UI A820()
Date : 29/09/13
Brand : Samsung
ОS : Android 4.2.1
Type :
full Samsung S4 ROM port
Language : CN/ENG.. other?
: <here>
no feedback yet (please donate screenshots)
  • Based on the official version of the S139 transplant GS4
  • Revising the flashScript to restart automatically after
  • Unlock Samsung screen perfect transplant
  • Perfect transplant Samsung K interface
  • Perfect transplant Samsung K-down switch
  • Global magic sound on by default
  • Join Supercharger V6 script support, the background to the force
  • Removal SMS popup
  • Added memory optimization control script, rational distribution applications share memory
  • Optimization of WIFI connection and stability, modify the connection time, you can save some power
  • Added Sony imaging engine V3 script, fine quality
  • Optimized for GPS connection speed, pro-test 3s or so positioned (test is the Baidu map)
  • Adding foreign saving technology: Energy saving
  • Modify Sony sound, improved sound clarity
  • Join the game statistical software, we look into the system, networking, click on the desktop, pea pods, are extremely grateful for my vote
  • Application Optimization script added some Build properties optimized code

    Cavaits found so far:

    - second SIM not working
    - Does not come with gapps out-of- the-box
    - Very beautiful, works smoothly
    - Some chinese apps, but easily removed with Titanium Backup
Custom : Galaxy S4 A820 ReaGan SuJen
Date : 20/10/13
Brand : Samsung
ОS : Android 4.2.1
Type :
full Samsung S4 ROM port
Language : Multi
: <here>
no feedback yet (feedback: 1..)
*** @dgarcia: thanks for the feedback :)

- Perfect camera
- Dual SIM working
- Gesture sensing
- FM Radio not working


- Zheb S139 with Sony UI
- Sony ReaGan SuJen1010 jb4.2(2) : Experimental :
- Sony ReaGan SuJen1211 jb4.2(3) : Experimental :
- Xperia KtKat Style by sniperok163 jb4.2.2 v1.0
(4)New: Experimental :

Recommended :
Date : 11/06/13 - 10/10/13
Brand : lenovo
ОS : Android 4.1.2/4.2
Type : lenovo s139/s150 mod

Language : CN/Eng.. others?
Download(1)(1)<here>(psw:skvm) (password: skvm)
Download(2) <here>
Download(3) <here>
Download(4) <here> screen
Tested : (1)no feedback yet (please donate screenshots) (2)Seems aok(please donate screenshots)
1. Based on Lenovo A820 S139 latest official production, SIM card smart display.
2. Single sim card single display, dual card dual display.
3. Add root privileges, re manager.
4. Sony engines and joined Sony Framework.
5. Kits and small parts.
6. Optimized virtual memory management.
7. GPU ui rendering data cache and system partitions loads optimized.
8. all system software upgrades to the latest kernel.
9. debugging improve.
10. CPU performance in order to better manage the performance of improved memory management.
11. remove Unicom services.

Reagan Sujen:
Camcorder BUG. (Video recording BUG.)
ANDROID JB 4xx : Very Experimental : SECTION
Android JB 4.2.1
Download <here>(password: gqvt)
this package is based on 4.2.1(A830) adding a lot JB4.2 features to the A820
including animation, memory mechanism, gpu call, slide the experience and other special effects.
really smooth, incomparable.
single card single display, dual card dual display!
old and new machines, do double wipe.

<?>Leave feedback here and let us know what you think.
share you screens for this post, thank you.

Android JB 4.2.2
Download : <here>

Chiptune aosp style port finalbeta jb4.2.2(1/10/13)
Download: <here> e67u
Multi-language, no camera focus, No fm radio, lots of other bugs

sniperok163 aosp style port jb4.2.2 (24/11/13)
Download : <here>
Language: RU/EN/CN others..?
Tested: not feedback yet
previous version:
- no camera focus(fixed point only)
- No fm radio,
- spontaneous reboots
- spontaneous Call and sim drop
- lots of other bugs

Android JB 4.3
Download : <?>

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What other apps did you delete?
i did not not delete something..
Etotalk modrom deleted the stock lenovo files, as lenovo launcher etc. They put nova launcher and said to me that this is the stock launcher but i dont think so...
Also, i m tying to take a full backup with rom manager but it says error..

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- v1.02 small_haircut[url=""].

- v1.0.0.3 ReaGan_SuJen
- v1.0.0.4 RC1 ReaGan_SuJen 2b)

Recommended : ********
Custom : ColorOS Port

Date :
1) 2a)10/12/2013 2b)01/01/13

Brand : Oppo
ОS : Android 4.2.1
Type : Oppo Port
Language : CN/ENG.

Tested : no forum feedback yet

<go here> mirrors are appreciated!


ebsbow tested:
->> in progress..
- Very smooth and consistent rom
- Camera works with auto focus and auto contrast(max 5Mpx with stock)
- Camera recording not working
- Panorama doesn't work
- Nice radio skin but not working
- Very nice Audio player with Dolby effect and online music(Chinese)
- Nice dialer and sms app
- Virus scanner with working update
- Lot's of redesigned apps
- Oppo video player(with online movies but Chinese only)
- New Calendar, notes and Clock app
- Gesture control options
- iFlytek Keyboard(replace with google if prefer)
- working weather app
- Advanced theming engine with online support
- SuperSU
- Xpose support(not installed)
- gps should work but not tested yet

- Camera recorder not working
- FM Radio not working
- tasker app not working >> apparently it does work
- no internal internet browser
- Memo app settings crash application

<!>bug's or tip's

v1.02 small_haircut
- working radio but only with headphone in(also through the speaker)
- working video recording


Been trying ColorOS on the A820 for an couple of day's now and I must say that it is an enjoyable experience so fare.
It's an bit of an minty flavor, if you know what I mean. It's Chinese but not completely which is an good thing.

To start, the ColorOS standard Oppo launcher is very well designed and has some sweet features. The camera page and
music page are very nice. The icon design is detailed and very consistent throughout the application. I runs very smooth and
also has an advanced theming engine with on-line support. It's all is an personal tast but having seen so many launchers over
the years I can say that the Oppo launcher is an visually well worked out and professionally build application.

There are lots of security settings in the ROM, which is always an big plus and something you see with lots of Chinese roms. And
though there are lot's of app's on the play store that do the same thing, it's nice to see it implemented as an standard feature with
the same visual style as the rest of the ROM. It adds to the overall experience.

And most app's in this ROM are nicely styled. Calendar, Notes, Files, Lockscreen, email etc.. have been fittingly redesigned to match the
ColorOS style. Sadly at this time some do not function completely on the lenovo A820.
There are still some bug's with this first port like the Camera, which works in taking pictures, but fails at recording video. The Video
app on the other hand is an advanced application in ColorOS. It plays just about anything it should, and adds some great on-line features
to it. For the moment only(mostly) Chinese contend but it all works great. So does the Music app which seems to be and advancement
to the lenovo music app you'll find on newer lenovo devices.
At the time of writing the the FM Radio doesn't seem to work in this port, which is a bit odd as it seems to work on most others ROM's.
Hopefully this will be fixed with the next update. It is an feature that in combination with tasker makes for an great alarm clock.

As for Google app's, they don't come preinstalled but adding gapps 4.2.2 seem to work just fine. And so do all other standard features
like 3G, Wifi, bt, Hotspot(wifi and bt!) etc..
It doesn't come with an standard browser, which is an bit strange, but installing one from the store is no problem.

I am not going to elaborate to much on this ROM, you'll have to discover it for your self, but as an brand experience this one does an
great job. lenovo may need to up there game on this. Nevertheless, we have this for our A820, so there you go ;-)

All in all It's an very consistent experience and, besides the current bug's, I would recommend it.

Now, lets get those bug's fixed so we can make it an featured post on slatedroid!



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Problem is that you can not just transplant all lenovo modifications to an other rom, Staff1988i.
They did a lot of work to make it an lenovo experience rather then go for an stock android one.

I fear you will either have to install an prober lenovo rom, which I recommend, or make do with the apps in post #1
Or you could opt for MIUI an try to get your language in there. The MIUI rom is very nice.
Thanks.. Also i cannot instal a new rom..Says error.. i m going into recovery and then says instalation aborted...Thanks for help, anyway!

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Some Tips to spice up you phone: (I'm not affiliated to any product!)

It's probably a goofy topics, but hey..

A thing that is missing in the box is an screen protector. An obvious thing to have.
Though some retailers add one as a gift, I didn't get any.. gifts.

So I order one that meets my needs and found the Benks HR series protector.
These seem really good quality products and at a reasonable price delivered.

Some info:
Made of high transparent material, further sharpened screen display, high transparent and ultra clear, <br />
great picture effects. Professional primary-color protection, clear and comfortable visual effects and rich color <br />
layer of liquid crystal surface. Scratch-proof, wear-resistant, easier to use, without hardness and obscureness, <br />
show the beauty of flowing rhyme.  <br />
Experience HR high transparency series protective film, and enjoy it in your own way.
Well, you know, thats gotta be great stuff :)

edit; and it is great stuff indeed. Very bright and scratch resistant quality item. Very recommended.

A Case:
Is an other thing that is practical in many.. cases. There mostly made rather bulky but some are of very slim form.
I was a bit hesitant to buy. So eventually I didn't get one.
Nonetheless I found this nice Chinese brand of cases, Nillkin, that's worth considering. They have an slim backcase in
there arsenal specifically for the A820. It's not all that perfect as I would like, but it's definitely one of the better one's out there.

For a case I would recommend it.

One of the advantages is that you can flip it on the front when you need to protect the screen.

Anyway I didn't get one.

What I did instead was buy an piece of transparent vinyl, with a carbon motive. Cut out what I needed.
And stuck it to the back. Best to opt for an decent quality for best stickiness.
Now my device has an structured look on the back that's also nice to the touch.
It think it looks great if I say so myself. Not worry about scratches at all.

Took me about 15 minutes of fun time.

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Hi Ebsbow,

Thanks so much for providing this information. I am pretty new to android and am hoping to root this phone. I basically have no idea how to though. I've spent hours online trying to find the exact process but can't find anything. There are some Chinese forums with dozens of pages dedicated to it but are pretty hard to follow.

Would you please be able to provide an exact process as to how to root the a820? I see you've provided the root but I'm not sure what to do with it. Is it as simple as putting the zip file onto the micro sd and booting in recovery mode and selecting something there to get root access? One of the Chinese forums suggests so.

Do I need to sort out some kind of recovery software first? I'm use a mac if that is helpful. I see CWM is common but needs a rooted phone first. What about flashtool - that says it can be used to root your phone. I'm interested in following rooting the phone up with replacing the ROM with MIUI.

Sorry, I really am stumped by this and have already spent the best part of my day off trying to find the exact step by step info. Appreciate the help if you have time.

Many thanks,

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Hi podgos, the procces has been simplified over the months you should be fine.

But you will need an Windows XP/7 machine or at least one running on Mac. If you have access to
one let me know and I will help you trough the processes.

Hi Ebsbow,

Thanks so much for providing this information. I am pretty new to android...

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Hi podgos, the procces has been simplified over the months you should be fine.

But you will need an Windows XP/7 machine or at least one running on Mac. If you have access to
one let me know and I will help you trough the processes.
Hi ebsbow,
Thanks for the reply. Yes I can get access to a Windows 7 pc. So if you could run me through it step by step, I'd very much appreciate it.
Many thanks,

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I made an quick walktrough. I'll try to perfect it later. No pictures for now, but I suspect that will not be an problem.

edit: v1.04
-added some pictures,
-removed some useless text,
-compressed it,
-little tinkering

added: blog link Cappa72 manual here

Hi ebsbow, Thanks for the reply. Yes I can get access to a Windows 7 pc. So if you could run me through it step by step, I'd very much appreciate it. Many thanks, Podgos


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I made an quick walktrough. I'll try to perfect it later.
No pictures for now, but I suspect that will not be an problem.
Wow thanks so much ebsbow! That's excellent - it looks to be a really great, easy to follow guide. I will give it a go when I get the phone later in the week.

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OK, no problem. I was going to make one anyway.
Hi again,
Just looking through the guide and thought I'd double check something. You say it's not mandatory to root the a820 prior to flashing the rom. This seems strange - but I assume it's the case. Would you recommend rooting first though? Is there anywhere in particular on the sd card that either the ROM or root zip files need to be placed for this? What do I select when I boot into TWRP recovery mode?
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