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Latest Dual Cortex A9 Chips Coming Out Soon!!!

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The most popular dual cores that came out recently.
#1. Amlogic AML8726-MX (dual core A9 CPU @ 1.2 GHz + dual core Mali 400 GPU @ 400 MHz) - was supposed to run @ 1.5 GHz but clocked less because of high heat issue. Seems Amlogic has problems reaching high clock speeds with all their chips.
Some companies using this chip are: Ramos, Ainol, Onda, Gemei, etc.

Expected Performance (SunSpider + Quadrant? benchmarks):

#2. Rockchip RK3066 (dual core A9 CPU @ 1.4 GHz (o/c 1.6 GHz) + quad core Mali 400 GPU @ 250 MHz)

Companies using this chip are: Yuandao/Window, Cube, Aoson,

#3. NuFront NS2816M (dual core CPU A9 + dual(?) core Mali400 GPU)

#4. Freescale i.MX6 (quad(?) core A9 CPU + quad(?) core Vivante GPU)


*Other* ARM chips coming out but best to avoid them because bad performance compared to dual core A9 tablets.
Telechip TCC8923 Cortex A5 w/Mali400.
Quadrant score seems very low for this tablet. Total = 1012.

VIA8850 Cortex A9 w/Mali400 - Performance is said to be similar to Allwinner A10 but should cost less. Little too late for this chip now.

AllWinner A13 Cortex A8 w/Mali400 - A much cheaper version of the A10 chip at US$4.99. A10 cost $15? Performance and/or features will be worse than A10 chip!!!

MTK6575 Cortex A9 SGX531 - This is said to be a dual-core, mainly used in mobile phones, but can be used in tablet too. However, the GPU is on the weak side for 3D gaming. Only good for simple gaming but bad for any real gaming.
All of the above ARM chips in "quoted section" are on the weak side for CPU, GPU or both. All of these *other* CPUs, seem to be a disappointment!!! Only 8726-MX & RK3066 are the real winners and will become very popular in Chinese tablets!!! Tablets already being released with these two chips. More to come in next 1-2 months.

Finally have powerful, Chinese dual core tablets coming out that outperform Tegra 2 and give iPad 2 and Tegra 3 tablets a run for their money!!!

Edit: Updated info and cleaned up content in this first post.
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Any information on what fabrication process these chips are using? It's an often-overlooked, but still important characteristic besides core count and architecture. I have said it before, the Allwinner A10 is a decent chip, but it could have been better if it was fabbed at 40nm instead of 65nm. It would run much cooler and consume lesser battery. My Aurora could be a 10 hour battery life tablet if it was 40nm.
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Ok. Seems some more details available about Amlogic's 8726-MX chip.

Dual core, Cortex A9 CPUs up to 1.5GHz clock speed
1 X 512KB L2 cache
Dual core, Mali400 GPU w/1 X 64KB cache (300-400MHz)
2 Video DSPs (for video decoding)
1 Media DSP (for audio decoding)
Power Management Processor

Looks like very good design from the specs.

Rockchip RK30 maybe better ARM chip but may take another 2-3 months or longer after 8726-MX tablets get released.

Still need to get more details on RK30 and pricing for comparison. Though 8726-MX looks really good to me. Hopefully battery life will be good too.
40nm, dual core A9 and Mali400. It's essentially a Samsung Exynos

It will be interesting to compare the power drain of the Exynos vs that of the Amlogic. On paper they are similar, but do they perform similarly battery wise?
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Ramos & Ainol will be coming out with their 8726MX tablets in May from info I have seen!!! Those are the two brands I have heard most about using Amlogic's MX chip.

RK3066 tablets maybe released as early as June or July? Release date unknown for these ones.

8726MX almost here and RK3066 & Nexus tablet in couple of months.
After how unusable my Ainol Aurora remains after months of continuous software development from Ainol themselves as well as freelance developers, I have grown skeptical of China tablets. In my view the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 and upcoming Google Nexus tablets are better bets, and competitive in terms of pricing as well.
Nothing special, the SGS2 had a quad Mali-400, and so does the RK3066 IIRC. Amlogic's version has dual only though.
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