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Known issues you would like to see addressed in future firmware updates

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There are several issues that need to be addressed. My most important issues are in the following order:1) Fix the accelerometer. I bought this tablet for a lot of things, but one of the most important is to play games like PapiJump and Labyrinth.2) Add Market Place. I don't want to have to add a script every time I upgrade.3) Add a sleep feature. When the screen gets darker, it never goes totally black.3) Fix the buttons. Make the volume buttons work, and the big button make it sleep.4) The battery level indicator. It always reads 100%, no matter how low.
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Christian Buchner;47336 said:
I would like to have longer timeouts before these annoying "Application XXX has stopped responding / Force Close / Wait" dialogs. These pop up way too often and are embarrasing when you show this device to friends. It's about as annoying as the User Account Control dialogs on Windows Vista.
If you remove the "dalvik"? cache as mentioned in another thread it did seem to remove most of my application has stopped responding. can't remember the actual command but its in one of the threads.
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