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Known issues you would like to see addressed in future firmware updates

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There are several issues that need to be addressed. My most important issues are in the following order:1) Fix the accelerometer. I bought this tablet for a lot of things, but one of the most important is to play games like PapiJump and Labyrinth.2) Add Market Place. I don't want to have to add a script every time I upgrade.3) Add a sleep feature. When the screen gets darker, it never goes totally black.3) Fix the buttons. Make the volume buttons work, and the big button make it sleep.4) The battery level indicator. It always reads 100%, no matter how low.
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I would like to have longer timeouts before these annoying "Application XXX has stopped responding / Force Close / Wait" dialogs. These pop up way too often and are embarrasing when you show this device to friends. It's about as annoying as the User Account Control dialogs on Windows Vista.
Already done that because I installed the JIT version of the libdvm.soEven system apps regularly throw these warnings (Process System, Application Settings, etc...), and I am sure that Google would know how to keep applications responsive. So it must be some problem with the system or the ZT-180 kernel. There is a 5 second timeout for UI threads, and a 10 second timeout for background jobs. If the thread does not respond within this limit, you get the popup.
The obnoxious audio crackling needs to be fixed. Who is supposed to listen to MP3 with headphones if it sounds like a broken record?ALSO WANT: OpenGL ES 2.0, better 3D performanceThe stable JIT engine from Android 2.2 Froyo backportedAnd definitely more Cowbell.
Happens on anything I play. RealPlayer videos, online radio, you name it.
Marketplace and Google Apps requires that manufacturer (Zenithink) joins the Open Handset Alliance. Which... probably won't happen.
ok, I'll create a $999 dollar app that does it. ;) In all seriousness, the "touch the Android to begin" provisioning app is supposed to do that. But it gets stuck at the "slide keyboard open to begin" message when you make it past the Android.As a temporary solution I could create a "save to SDcard" and restore feature for the Android ID and make my app pop up when it finds that the Android ID field is empty. That would make things much simpler on each re-flash.
1 - 6 of 154 Posts
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