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Kindle Work Around?

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So I wanted to ask about a fix option for the Kindle book reader app for tablets. My new tablet refuses to install the kindle app. And it seems many tablets have problems with apps of all kinds when they should work.

I got a partial work around to this by just logging into and then reading my books that way.

MY question is if there's a way to just save by backdoor method all of the books in my area so that I can read them offline? I need to be able to acess the books offline because I travel. If you have the kindle app then you'd just open that and tell it to save the books offline. So maybe there's a way to store and save settings of the other version in the web browser? And what would it be? Surely someone has tried this as this is problem several people have had.


And if that doesn't work, is there an alternative program to the Kindle app that can read kindle files and books just like a kindle? This might be another option?
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