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Killer Feature Ideas for Further Custom ROM Development

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Now that most of us APAD owners have digested the fact that Rockchip is not going to give us Android 2.1, our only hope is the Custom ROM developers like RogerBraun and Xaueious.We need to let these guys know that their development efforts are very valuable for us, and we also need to tell them what features would give us maximum joy.For example:I personally feel that being unable to connect my APAD to the Internet while on the road is the biggest pain for me. We know that hope for generic 3G dongle support is very bleak. Further, most of us APAD owners have smartphones (Android, Symbian, etc.) that can do Ad-hoc Wifi tether.So, if the RogerBraun 5.1 ROM had support for using Ad-hoc Wifi tether from my G1 running CyanogenMod, my love for my APAD would increase by at least 3 times.Can we please use this thread for discussing the features that we would really love these guys to implement for us in their Custom ROMs?
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I agree that support for connectivity to Ad Hoc networks would be a big plus. I think they are working in the right direction though by first making sure all the native features work at peak performance. I've been excited to see applications start working properly, menus and animations scrolling more fluidly, games start working, and other native features working properly.Being that these devices don't have the best battery life, especially with wifi turned on, I'd like to continue to see work focused on improving battery life. For example, there is a native setting in the Advanced Wifi menu for automatically turning off the wifi when the screen goes off. This setting has continued to trouble me through all the various generations of the ROMs - it occasionally works, but usually doesn't. In certain ROMs it has at least worked to turn off the Wifi, but then I have manually go and switch off then switch back on the wifi to get the connection to resume.Overall, I think there has been great progress on the ROMs and I only hope to see the ROM quality get better and the integration become more transparent. Eg. It will appear as though it came from the factory that way...not one of the small china factories, but a nice brand-name one. ;)
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What would give me maximum joy would be 2 things. Adhoc support and a halfway decent upgrade to Android 1.6. As an advent user of android on HTC devices i know that this is challenging for the chefs. However we should start small with 1.6 just to get the kindle app.
This machine would definately be a nice machine if I can read magazines from the kindle store. DSP support is a plus however I think that most some if not most of us use these machines to browse the internet and read stuff so I think that our priorities should start there. Just an opinion, for what it's worth. Thanks for the great work.
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1.6 will come, but it will take some time.
I say stabilize 6.0 first and add your own bootscreen. There are units being shipped with your ROM with no recognition to you. Not that you are doing it for that purpose, but you know you deserve some credit.
[quote name='xaueious;16964]I say stabilize 6.0 first and add your own bootscreen. There are units being shipped with your ROM with no recognition to you. Not that you are doing it for that purpose' date=' but you know you deserve some credit.[/QUOTE'] Yes, you are right on this, Roger deserve some credit, all of us enjoy so much his job.So Roger, add your bootscreen, I'll enjoy this too.Sent from my EzHero using Tapatalk
Is it possible to integrate a Bluetoot stack?(or is it already integrated but does not like my BT stick? '^^)
I'd like that too, I've a portable BT keyboard that could possibly work well with the apad.
How about MANUAL ROTATION SCREEN button, just like FlyTouch version ?
Ad-hoc would be my priority request with bluetooth in second place.Rizapn's manual rotation would be cool, too. Maybe a long-hold of the Menu button?
Ad-hoc wifi would be great usb-bluetooth would be helpfull to do SIP VoIP with a BT headset or GPS mouse.. usb-modem (2G/3G/whatever) would be helpfull but is Ad-hoc is fixed not realy needed anymore.Upgrade to 1.6 would be nice but I don't see anything that I wouold need in 1.6 over 1.5..
Hii think it is very helpfull for bigger RAM usung apps to add a swapfile to sd Card. Everything Time i have to much apps installed, aldiko wont Open my ebook because the apad runs out of Memory. ( enough avaible Space on the Data Partition) maybe it is the smaller chache Partition.Greets
Adhoc works fine if you modify your wif supplicant file via ADB / Droid Explorer as listed in another thread however if you switch back to a WAP you lose it and it means hooking up to a PC again to get it fixed. If root was working properly and you could use something like root explorer or SU File explorer to easily copy in an adhoc config file when you needed it that would be nice but apparently there is something with cramfs/root etc which I have no clue about that needs to ? if possible get fixed at some point as well apparently.
I would greatly appreciate ability to set up display orientation manually, i.e. for example always have launcher in Portrait mode.
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