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Hi, there.
I was stuck with a not responding touch screen in one of my latest TWRP firmware-installations and did not want to go all the way from scratch and reflash, only to get inside TWRP again.
So I digged a bit to find the right key-combination to enter recovery mode from the switched off tablet.
At first it seemed, there were none.

Then I remembered, that phoenix-suite has a button to switch to "recorvery" or it could be done with command adb reboot recovery.
ADB failed (device not found) and also Phoenix did not find it.
But in Phoenix, there was the hint, how to go into download mode for flashing. I did not want to flash, but i tried the combination anyway.
I then landed into TWRP recovery - voila.

So here is, what to do, if you should be stuck without having a software reboot-into-recovery routine:

1) power off the tablet completely by pressing and holding the power button for at least 7 seconds.
2) press and hold one other hardware key of the tablet except the power button (i.e. the back button) and during holding it down connect the tablet to your PC via micro-USB-cable.
3) release all key, let the USB connection intact.
4) short press the power button one time and wait for 2 seconds. The Tablet should boot into TWRP (if installed) or stock recovery mode.
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