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This is my first post and I would like to ask for help from anyone with kernel knowledges or some specialized in the SOC Intel Atom x5-Z8300. Any dev is wellcome!

The problem is that in Android mode (the tablet is dual and runs Windows 10 too) there is a problem that makes it unusable. When the keyboard-cover is connected the tablet does not go into sleep mode. He wakes up every 30 seconds and causes battery drain. Android recognizes keyboard through settings as SINO WEALTH USB keyboard

If i am charging through the cable type-c screen will not wake up. I found a little trick: to connect a OTG adapter to the type-c slot, but although the screen does not wake up, the tablet does not go into sleep mode.

Tonight i slept with the battery in 63% and when i wake up it was in 32% of charge. In airplane mode!

I made a couple of captures from Better Battery Stats for you to see what I say.

I´ll apreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.


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