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Dear slatedroiders!
I'd like to ask for your help with a fairly old project. I have an rk3066 hdmi stick (it's a ug802 clone) with rtl8188eu wifi chip. I'm trying to get picuntu working on the device, but since most of the original online sources of the project are dead, the only thing I was able to do is to flash a complete disk image onto the SD card which appears to be pretty nice, even seems to have mali hw acceleration, what it does not have is the wifi module (8188eu.ko).
I've been trying to compile galland's 3.0.36 kernel from github, following a compiltaion guide from hwswbits, but it never succedes to build.
Currently I have a 3.0.36 kernel flashed, but the modules and firmwares are missing and I just can't compile them. Could someone please compile a 3.0.36 kernel + the modules and firmwares that has 8188eu.ko (for example gallands)?
Thanks in advance.
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