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I did not develop this Kernel. All credit goes to Boushh

[Kernel][CDMA][VZW/SPRINT]KhasMek Voodoo Plus v3 Now with Full Voodoo CwM!

Well, I've been loving Voodoo on my Galaxy S Fascinate for quite a while now, so I've decided to get it running on our Tab. This version has a fully functional version of Voodoo CwM. It is based off of CWM 2.5.x and not 3.0. 3.0 isn't nearly as good IMO. You do not need to have Koush's bootstrapper or recovery installed. However, if you do, it's okay as well.

I haven't tested the conversion process yet, so I'm just going to say this until someone tells me otherwise.

Fixing it is the next big thing on the list. I promise.

1. Don't ask me on how to install koush's recovery, that's what his thread is for. Laymen's terms- Did you do THIS? If you did, you're good to go, if not. do it.
2. I am not going to teach you how to use, or set up the applications that you need to use/flash this. I have included links to everything you need to know, just click and read for a second. If you are not willing to put out a little bit of effort to better your experience with your Tab, I am not going to waste even more of my time that could be dedicated towards making my kernel better. Also, if you aren't willing to give yourself the fundamental knowledge required for flashing this and something goes wrong, you will then have the required skill to fix it, instead of blaming me for bricking your Tab. I don't need that. I am willing to support my ROM and help with some confusion, but if you want me to do everything for you- lo siento.

What is Voodoo
Read about it HERE. Note, some of the information is outdated, but it's still a good general idea.


  • Voodoo CwM v2.5.3.x Recovery for all your flashing/backup/restore needs.
  • TBH, I can't remember them all off the top of my head. I'll need to double check for all of them.
  • Tun.ko support
  • CIFS support
  • Slow-work.ko support
  • ext4 support
  • Voodoo lagfix!
  • Voodoo Sound fix!
  • Optional 1.4GHz overclocked kernel.
  • AOSP Boot animation support (I haven't tested fully yet)
  • init.rc speed/stability optimizations
  • many, many other tweaks

v3 Major Update - Highly recommended install
  • Fully functional CwM. This is about the only change, but it's a huge one. This allows for flashable zips, clearing of dalvik cache, normal cache, toggling of Voodoo features and more! I am working on a tutorial for those new to how Voodoo CwM works.
  • Other small tweaks and init optimizations.
  • Rebuilt initramfs from base code to insure optimal build and function.

New Branch 1.4GHz overclocked Version added. It's fast.v2 - Feature update
  • Added Voodoo Sound! Thanks to some (a lot) of help from supercurio, we know have the benefits of his sound fix in addition to his lag fix. Get the Voodoo Control App off the market to see it's full feature set. It's a difference you have to hear to believe.
v1.1 - Maintenance update
  • Added slow-work.ko
v1 - Initial Public Release
  • Primary Recovery is jacked. to get into a (more) functional backup recovery, boot into recovery, go into the advanced menu and reboot recovery will bring you into the backup recovery.
streamlining it some more and sorting out any issue that make revolve around current features. Got an idea, throw it my way, but I am not going to guarantee I'll do anything about it. Full Bluetooth HID support (wimote, apple keyboard, etc).

Known Issues
  • Sometimes on the first boot after flashing I will have a FC window pop up, but with no description of what is force closing. If I click force close on this, I end up having wifi problem. If I click wait I do not wifi issues.
  • This will work with Sprint Tabs, however there are some compatibility issues, namely, it will mount on your PC as a CDROM drive, not a removable disk. Fix - Use dropbox or CIFS. Also, the camera doesn't work properly on the Sprint Tab. I will start a new branch with 100% Sprint compatibility As soon as I can.
  • If you run into any issues, boot into recovery, clear cache and dalvik cache (in advanced menu)
  • If you have any further issues with the initial boot/conversion, hold down the power button until the device powers off and reboot into recovery (power + volume up). Go into the advanced menu, turn off voodoo lagfix and voodoo system lagfix. Now Reboot, you should fully load into android. Reboot into recovery and enable the lagfixes. Conversion should happen successfully now.
  • Conversion will not occur if you don't have a SD card inserted or if your SD card is full.

Read the instructions all the way through before starting

Part 1

For initial installation only! If you have v3+ installed already, skip to part 2!

I have documented how to flash your initial installation two ways. If one way doesn't work for you, try another. You do not need to use all 3 methods! Using the SGS Kernel Flasher should be the most fool proof method, FYI.

Option A: Heimdall
  • Download a kernel zImage- Standard Kernel
  • Power Down your device
  • Boot into download (Power + Volume Down)
  • Flash Via heimdall GUI in the kernel and recovery or via command line with heimdall flash --recovery *filename* --kernel *filename*
  • Pay attention to the progress.
  • When the progress bar gets to 100% your tab will reboot. If everything has gone as it should. Your installation is now complete. If you have any issues, see above in the known issues section.
  • You do not need to continue to step two, but I would recommend it, just to make sure everything is flashed correct.
Option B: SGS Kernel FlasherOption C: Odin
Part 2

This step insures that the recovery partition was successfully flashed and that everything is functioning successfully. Also, a how to flash zip's via recovery tutorial for those that haven't before.
  • Download a kernel zip package- Standard Kernel or 1.4GHz Overclocked Kernel | (Voltage Control App) | (source)
  • Power Down your device
  • Boot into recovery (Power + Volume Up)
  • Voodoo CwM controls! Volume up/down = Navigate up/down || Power button = Select/confirm || Back = Back || Menu = Screen Toggle || Home = Screen Toggle || Search = Nothing
  • Select install zip from sdcard
  • Select select zip from sdcard
  • Navigate to the location of your downloaded .zip
  • Select zip
  • Select yes in confirmation screen. My install script will scroll through and say install from sd card successful if all has gone as planned.
  • Rejoice and be happy
  • Make themes/mods/ROMs/hacks/awesomeness to share!
jt1134, Adrynalyne, rotohammer, TCMAN, Supercurio, koxudaxi, Punk.Kaos everyone in IRC as usually is great help. Kangers, women, kittens, ninjas, Open Source.

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