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Just a quick thought : Official contact with Eken

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Hi all, I know that I am quite a newbie here, but I had a quick thought while reading user experience thread : Did somebody from the administration team of the site took contact with Eken ? I mean : this website starts to have quite a few user and a lot of interresting content for M001 users, isn't it ? So why not taking contact with Eken and try to start a relationship between them and the forum ? Even if they are not this much customer oriented, maybe they could be happy to have some community around their product. Even more : they maybe interrested by Ecotox and Darexius works on ROM for non chinese market ... By the way, they may also provide us some interresting specs if they identify us a good way to spread some com on their products (maybe both M001 and M003 ... ) just a quick idea to submit (in my bad english ... ) ???
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From what I've read of the support messages between customers and Eken, they don't really understand most of the messages. Not sure what some sort of partnership would even aim to achieve.
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