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Just a quick thought : Official contact with Eken

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Hi all, I know that I am quite a newbie here, but I had a quick thought while reading user experience thread : Did somebody from the administration team of the site took contact with Eken ? I mean : this website starts to have quite a few user and a lot of interresting content for M001 users, isn't it ? So why not taking contact with Eken and try to start a relationship between them and the forum ? Even if they are not this much customer oriented, maybe they could be happy to have some community around their product. Even more : they maybe interrested by Ecotox and Darexius works on ROM for non chinese market ... By the way, they may also provide us some interresting specs if they identify us a good way to spread some com on their products (maybe both M001 and M003 ... ) just a quick idea to submit (in my bad english ... ) ???
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I have tried to contact them and if you check some of the earlier post, other members have also . I have never received a response to my email. but if you want try go ahead we would love to have a connection with them
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