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Is this wasted on me?

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Hi folks. We ordered one of these from some chap in China and it arrived today. I must admit to feeling totally underwhelmed by it; the screen is insensitive to the point of useless (after calibrating it, even) the text input option is all in Chinese and has no options for changing anything (I eventually managed to change my region and language, using the stylus from my Sony e-reader)The wifi took about 20 minutes to get going, it kept dropping out or not being in range of the router or not accepting the password.My husband says it isn't for "Joe Public" and whilst I am not a complete n00b as regards technology, I can't see a single redeeming feature of it. Have we bought a bag of nuts or is it something even remotely useful? What on earth can I do with it? There are no sensible apps on it and I still can't used to the touchscreen (bringing up menus that I can't get out of without powering off)Please somebody, sell it to me, so my husband doesn't have to come home to grumpy face here. :-
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Hmm... You should be able to choose English from the settings menu, and the touchscreen is not all that worthless (usually anyway). I would try the most recent 1.7.2 ROM from EKEN. It fixes some things and makes everything faster in general. It sounds like you may have a stock 1.7 device, which had several issues. You can also get out of any app using the home or back buttons. Don't give up on your slate just yet, with the right ROM and Apps it can be a very useful device.
You beat me to the reply, hilltopper
Lin, if you've never used Android before, a few things to keep in mind.. it really operates similar to a Windows based system, in that clicking on something selects it, however, an extended click is like right-clicking in Windows, and will normally bring up a menu. Once in a program, if you hit the "menu" button on the device itself, it should bring up a list of options for you to play with. And of course, the "back" and "home" buttons can be an Android user's best friends ;) These should back you out of, or drop you to the main menu from just about anywhere on the tablet. Hope this helps!
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Thanks both, I shall look for the sd cards then, get the new stuff downloaded ready for when it is charged up (good old American / European plugs that don't fit my UK sockets)It doesn't help, I suppose, that I'm a Mac user, so saying it is like Windows makes me die a little inside
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[quote author=lininjim link=topic=510.msg4279#msg4279 date=1275482892]It doesn't help, I suppose, that I'm a Mac user, so saying it is like Windows makes me die a little inside
[/quote]We won't hold it against you, my dear ;)
Okay, I have had a look and it says Android 1.6 and Sdk 1.7.1I looked on Eken's website but couldn't find anything to download at all except for photo, spec and description.
Thank you, grabbed it, hubby can deal with it tonight.
It won't unzip, on either my or my husband's machines, is there a source elsewhere?Edit: seen it in another place on here, it was as if it had been wanting a password but there was no call for it.
I am not sure what to do on a mac, but on a PC you should be able to extract that zip file using 7-zip ( and use the password when prompted. I would recommend extracting it directly to your SD card, I would also recommend formatting the SD card to FAT16 prior to extracting the zip file to it. Good luck!
I don't even know why that archive is password protected in the first place. It's just a stupid inconvenience.I'm re-uploading it to megaupload without the password. I'll edit my post when it's done.EDIT: Here it is, without the #$%@ing passsword....... 100.67MBCRC32: c4a27b2aMD5: b9dde8f936f4f615bb11be472b4fa8dbSHA1: 2735ded6096011d96b109edb12c1d136787452dc
Sorted, thank you. Just messing about with ebooks now, lots of fun to be had, for sure.
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