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[quote name='Dunavan;32799]Sad to say mine is going back. After the news of the pirated market place' date=' I am going to get my money back from Kmart. If I wanted to hack and pirate the hell out of one of these tablets, I would have bought a cheeper one from China. No Accelorometer, no memory fix, now illegal software. I am tossing this thing back and demanding my lay-a-way money back as well.[/QUOTE'] Yeah.. For the specs, you won't do much better for the price.. You could go get a Pandigital Novel, but just as much hacking etc is needed (more even, since this is sold as an eReader). If you havent read, Augen has spoke with Google. And once again, because this device was pushed out a month earlier, the software on it was what was loaded at the Chinese factory. Augen has been, and will continue to be releasing patches to improve the Gentouch78 experience. Within the first 7 days, they have fixed several of the big issues, so I do have some faith they will follow through. CPG
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