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im not having the same problem as i can connect at home my problem is i can not connect using my Rooted EVO wifi , please read on and someone could help i would really be happyi have a APad and the built in wifi finder could not find my HTC EVO wifi and so i downloaded yours and it found it, but saids its IBSS and ask for password, there is no password and when i click connect the lock just goes around and around. its work with my Compaq laptop and acer netbook, (windows based) and the APad is android just like the HTC EVO is android also, any info would help and thank you for your time in advance..Andre'Hello,networks with IBSS (ad hoc) are not supported in raw android (without addition like htc sense etc.), because android api don't provide class and/or methods for this configuration, so you can't save the netowrk configuration via WiFinder. But HTC add this feature in own compilation (like Sense) so you can add network form Settings -> Wireless option menu, and then you can manage connection/disconnection IBSS network from WiFinder BUT still you can't add IBSS network configuration direct from WiFinder.Bottom line if yours APad have raw android you can't connect to network with IBSS configuration.PS. Same problems are in networks with WPA2 Enterprise.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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