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iRobot (apad?) Market Help

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Hi all, I have an iRobot running slatedroid firmware version 1.3Im having a problem with the market.I have tried to download a few things but nothing will download. It will hang at "Starting Download"How do i fix this?Cheers!Naga
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This is not an aPadd Irobot you have if you are running slatedroid 1.3.which version from which post did you install?It should be ePador a MID clone.There are solution for Market arround, do a search for Market and you'll find it.
Hi, thanksI installed this:Slatedroid1.3-flytouch-edition V2 - Downloads - SlateDroid - The BIGGEST Android Tablet Forum on the Web!As far as i can tell my device is made by gnome fytouch.Its the first in the list here, V2: shall search for the market solution
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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