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I've a BS1078 table (Allwinner A31S) and with latest firmware 4.4.2 ( 21/06/2014 ) it works very well:

- great WiFI performance (superior to many other tablets)

- powerful stereo speakers ( I'm using VOL+ firmware )

- bluetooth compatible with many keyboards/mouses

- great performance on 3D games

- root access

The only drawback is the TN display...

I need to disable backlight of the touch screen when using an external display via HDMI.

I've tried "Screen Standby ♯ Root" and "SecondScreen" but these apps are unable to disable backlight on my table. They only put brightness to minimun, which is not 0.

Do you know any similar app that works on Allwinner tablet ?

Thank you.

Best regards,

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