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Internet Security?

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I hope there isn't already a thread for this.. i searched and didn't see anything. What security software is recommended for this device? Considering it's a little computer with internet access it seems like a good idea. I wrote to pandigital customer service and have been ignored.
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I don't think customer service would even consider the question (unfortunately). However, you bring up a valid point.Best practices, imo (and assuming you've hacked it) : don't save any passwords, use a tool like KeePass, which has an Android version, as an encrypted password database. Lockdown the browser as best you can (don't save cookies, clear out temp files upon exit etc.), and possibly run anti-virus software which I believe exists for Android. Go on the assumption that this could be lost, and what data would a person be able to retrieve from this device if it were found.Even if you haven't hacked it, some of these would still apply.
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