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Internal memory running low

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Has anyone run into this situation where the internal memory is running low? I got a message in the notification bar and validated using Android System Tools (down to 5% free). It seems that only ~ 200MB of the internal 1GB is set aside for apps. What is the rest used for?Is there any way to move some apps to the SD card (I added 16GB) to free up space?How about Nook app? Is there a way to have the ebooks loaded on the SD card instead of the internal memory?How about some the original PD apps (media players, gallery, calendar, alarm, search)? Can they be removed using oneglory's file manager batch process?
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The 1 GB storage is used for books, music, pictures and videos that you want to put on to it. This is not used for installing your apps. There is a 256MB internal memory for this. You will need to remove some apps to open up some of that memory to quit getting these errors.
That's what I thought, but figured I'd ask. Thanks.
Moving the to SDcard is feature of Android 2.2 but the app need code to support it. So not any app can be moved.
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