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Hey TL1, About your this post,

The partitions should be ext4, not ext3 (if I recall correctly).
You can use the tablet itself, at least if you didn't flush 2.3 firmware yet (which changes recovery program and it doesn't do that anyomore for some reason).
Just put the unformatted or FAT32-formatted SD card inside, push power+menu and it will offer you to partition and format the card.
After that, put a card with firmware into external slot and flash.
I have purchased a new Sandisk Mobile Ultra 8GB microSD card. Ebay Link for the product

If I put this new card inside my tablet, as per your post it will give me an option to format and partition it. What I am wondering is will it give me a choice to decide the size of my partitions? OR will it have the same basic size architecture?

Please let me know..
61 - 62 of 62 Posts