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Installing Kindle

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Is it possible to download and install Kindle without needing to go through the marketplace? Also, I've downloaded the 1.7.4 firmware from the downloads section - does that include access to the android marketplace? I've read reviews stating that there is no access to it while on the other hand I see people talking about being able to access it.Thank you for any assistance you may offer me
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Copy of kindle app. but may not be latest as market just said update available for kindle app includes market app but there is issue with d/l not starting. see other blogs and threads here for details.
Nice to pass that along! I had to download it on my phone, back it up, then copy it over on SD to my M003. Now it works like a charm there. I'm not really sure I understand this post it only on the Market thing. Why not allow us to download it direct from Amazon?
If you can find the later app I suggest you get it. Old app crashes if you put .prc/mobi books not from amazon in folder. New app will read them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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