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[Info] Apad iRobot 9v Charger Variant New Flash Method

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Apparently there's a new method. Don't have one, but it deserves a new thread. Referred to this: Asure:
1. Power switch off2. insert top USB to PC3. Power switch on, nothing happens, this is ok4. press & hold menu5. press & hold power6. keep pressing & holding both, the device is detected7. press the flash button in the rock usb flasher..It stays in loader mode, as long as you keep pressing the buttons.
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X great idea, and well spotted, maybe this can also be added to wikki
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this Apad iRobot Batch 3 Chinese Firmware 0806 ? HiApad rom works well on my batch 3 blue led ipad , icons are close together wifi and market works 300mb for apps , only thing that doesent work is the home key as a back button .
is there another (custom) rom available for the apad batch 3 versions?
It doesn't take a long time to whip one up, but if the ROM is pretty good already what do you want changed? I can quickly put in the back button hack.But first I need people to verify that the ROM posted on HiApad works.
is it possible to modify this batch 3 rom and take all the working properties from it to fix the problems in the V2 apad thats having the issue with the wifi?
I've bricked my Apad because wrong fw, getting new i one guess now..if i would know this could happen to me, i wouldn't return my previous apad batch 2 from Hiapad just because fade spot on the screen...that thing before i flash so many times with custom rom (RogerBraun 5.1) HiApad batch 2 Fw Rom without problem..too many Apad out there:confused:
does the hiapad 0806 batch 3 rom work with the batch 3 red led apad rk2808 metal back from mp4nation?
deadice;40646 said:
does the hiapad 0806 batch 3 rom work with the batch 3 red led apad rk2808 metal back from mp4nation?
The USA 0806 and Chinese 612 Batch 3 found here: Product Updates ? HiApad are the only two firmwares that make it past the touch calibration screen. It's a 9V Red LED Plastic Back with Cam. It came preloaded with the 612 and i updated to the 806, lost some apps but all were crappy chinese snooping wares
[quote name='deadice;40646]does the hiapad 0806 batch 3 rom work with the batch 3 red led apad rk2808 metal back from mp4nation?[/QUOTE] No. You need 0802 (Chinese) for the red led with 9V charger and aluminum housing ' date=' [url'][/url]
You can let go of the menu button once the device is detected, but you must keep the power button pressed.
Guys need HELP, I have Apad Red LED front camera 9v memory 256, I don't know what batch is this BATCH 3 ??, I've tried several times to connect to PC using the above method Press/Hold the POWER&MENUE using XP 32-bit as recommended but no response, let me mention that I don't have USB port only Ethernet/USB adaptor, I don't yet have the upgrade firmware so please give me URL and give me easy steps to follow, thanking you in advance.
If you have 256MB of RAM, it's not one of these devices. As far as I know, all three variants have only 128MB.
Just installed but cannot get Market to connect, keeps coming back with unable to connect to server, worked ok before
I just cant make this works... with pressed and umpressed buttons... I kept all running for more than 10 minutes and nothing... any tip?I have the blue led device...
Is HaiPad different from HiaPad?I have a HaiPad M701. Can I use the firmware?
1. Power off
2. Plug USB into the top slot(nearest to the micro sd reader)
3.Turn back on and Hold the home button(the button closets to the sd slot) down now hold this for a few seconds then let go
4.Your Computer should Detect a New Device

this is what i had to do to do thought id share ive all ready made a post about it
Anyone else having trouble following this? New member, no success yet.
thanks peeps
i've put the 806 firmware on my irobot 7" tab blue led 9v charger .. god its much better than the chinese version it came with ...and allot less bloatware ... after formatting the internal flash storage my available internal storage has gone up hugely...i've put a few big videos on there and they play fine.
I'm assuming either the previous owner had installed the chinese rom and hadn't reformatted the internal flash or it was full of chinese warez.
I Had problems with the google android market not working after installing 806 but after installing marketenabler.apk and installing the marketTOS.apk it all works fine now and i can download and install any compatible apps.
ok so its still a low spec slow tab ....but at least its now usable.

i dont think i could have done it with out reading through this forum..

just one thing i would say is that i found that if you hold the 'menu' button (the round one in the middle) for the entire time you're flashing it works first time every time.

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