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I noticed that my N70HD is split into a internal storage and an internal SD storage. How do I increase the app storage from the current 1GB to 2GB or more? It is quite ridiculous that the tablet has only 1GB for app storage.
OK. I will give "quick" steps.
#1. Get Wendal tools. RK2918 tools work on RK3066 images too.
#2. Download your tablet's firmware off Internet.
#3. Unzip & rename image to wendal.img and put in same directory as Wendal's tools
#4. Run tools. Use option to unpack image file
#5. Go into TEMP folder
#6. You will have to open & change parameter file in text editor. More detail down below.
#7. Save parameter file overwriting the old version
#8. Get out of TEMP
#9. Run tools and use option to repack image
#10. The new image will be called wendal_new.img
#11. Flash this new image as you normally would. You will have to use "RESTORE" option to recreate all the partitions since you resized & realigned some of them. Make sure you backup your apps first or else be ready to download everything again.

For 8 GB ROM, best to stick with 1.25-1.5 GB app space. For 16 GB ROM, 2-2.5 GB. App data is sometimes downloaded to nand flash storage and not to app space. ie. like Asphalt 7 data file (1.67 GB). Some smaller games, those under 100 MB, may store their data in the app space instead. It depends on the game whether game data is stored in app space or nand flash storage.

Changing parameter file (requires use of HEX calculator) Change your Windows calculator to programmer mode. Line below is from my parameter file. The last few parts will get changed out.
CMDLINE: console=ttyFIQ0 androidboot.console=ttyFIQ0 init=/init initrd=0x62000000,0x00800000 mtdparts=rk29xxnand:[email protected](misc),[email protected](kernel),[email protected](boot),[email protected](recovery),[email protected](backup),[email protected](cache),[email protected](userdata),[email protected](kpanic),[email protected](system),[email protected](user)
Look for "userdata". That is the app space. 0x00200000 = 1 GB. I set mine to 1.25 GB (0x00280000). Next is the location in ROM where to start the partition. ie. @ 0x00118000 for userdata. You need to go through and re-align all the locations following userdata once you change the size.
For instance:
0x00280000 + 0x00118000 = 0x00398000 (start of kpanic partition)
0x00002000 + 0x00398000 = 0x0039A000 (start of system partition)
0x000E0000 + 0x0039A000 = 0x0047A000 (start of user partition)

2 GB = 2 x 0x00200000 = 0x00400000
change userdata from 0x00200000 to 0x00400000. ie. change the 1st hex # only

Then make sure to re-align the new partition locations for kpanic, system & user. ie. changing the 2nd hex # for them only. User = nand flash storage space.
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