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In for one

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Picked up one of theese today so I could join the party. Am on in now and like it so far. I upgraded to the latest firmware but haven't hacked it yet but I will soon, want to run Kindle.
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The only difference is that Linux doesn't require the installation of any driver in order to access the device using adb. Also, as you should already be aware, if you use linux, you will have to rework the windows .bat file commands if you intend on using an automated process. e.g., adb -e pull /data/app/ must be changed to: ./adb -e pull /data/app/If you want to access the PDN's B&N reader, after installing PandaHome, you'll also want to install BarControl & SmartBar (in order to activate & put widgets in the notification bar), and HomeSwitcher (so you can bounce back and forth between the stock PDN menu and the PandaHome menu. The only other way you can access a B&N reader would be to use the nook2 hack to completely disable the PDN B&N reader and then install the B&N Nook reader.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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