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In for one

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Picked up one of theese today so I could join the party. Am on in now and like it so far. I upgraded to the latest firmware but haven't hacked it yet but I will soon, want to run Kindle.
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Why stop at one? Buy two more, send me one.
I don't hate the GT. It just has had a lot of issues, and I know it's a rebadge of a device I've been told isn't very good.
[quote name='clockworx;29825]The Gentouch probably could have been a potentially decent device with a better company behind it. The laundry list of mistakes show a complete lack of knowledge and testing.-Wrong headphone jack (which means they probably just thought "Does it have a headphone jack? CHECK!!!" and that was the end of it)-Market doesn't work (which was promised in their specs)-Don't even know what speed their CPU runs at (also promised in their specs)-Other firmware features' date=' like factory reset, don't work)-MAC address issue (which means no one ever fired up more than one on the same network....that's if they even tested one at all)[/QUOTE'] It's cheaply made, with mostly cheap hardware, and it is an unmitigated clone of the Dawa D7, which I have heard nothing good about. If the D7 wasn't very good, why would a clone of it be good?
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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