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I realise this isn't a thread for a ROM release but it seems like an important subject if people are looking to try out ICS or JB roms. I'll move it somewhere else if people think it shouldn't be here.

So, I've spent some time creating a series of flashable partition structures which will prepare Hannspads for Android versions requiring a bigger data partition. I've then made two versions of each package, one with Clockworkmod v5 and one with v6. I think v6 is a little buggy so I'm now using v5 but I should make the point that fosser2 of TeamDRH states that you have to be using v6 for their Dirtybean release.

All packages contain the correct bct file which should prevent any black box issues on games when flashing with certain versions of Android. Thanks goes to Graveen for investigating and fixing that issue.

Hannspad prep files

For all roms based on Android 4.2.2 you will need the TeamDRH NVflash files. The files below will not work.
TeamDRH NVflash package ---> - 350mb system partition and Clockworkmod 5 - 350mb system partition and Clockworkmod 6

A 350mb system partition prepares you for teamDRH Dirty Bean 4.2.1. You can still install other Android versions with this structure but it's not worth doing unless you're also trying out Dirty Bean 4.2.1. Stick with a smaller system partition if you're going to install a GB or lower ROM. - 250mb system partition and Clockworkmod 5 - 250mb system partition and Clockworkmod 6

A 250mb system partition prepares you for any of the other ROMS out there, including ICS and Smoothbean.

These packages do not contain an operating system and therefore can only be booted into recovery mode after they've been flashed.

Instructions for use:

1 - Install APX drivers on your PC (included in each package)

2 - Connect your Hannspad to the PC via USB and turn the tablet on whilst holding the vol minus key. The Hannspree logo will pop up briefly and then disappear. You are now in APX mode.

3 - Locate and double click on the Hannspad_x50_cwmx.bat within the prep package. The partition structure will be created and the recovery installed.

4 - Turn the tablet off and then turn it back on whilst holding the vol plus key. You will boot into whichever version of CWM you chose.

Please let me know if I've made a mistake somewhere in this post or could add anything else to it.

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Many thanks andywheels for taking the time to do this & to Graveen for sorting out the black boxes.
I've downloaded so many roms & nvflash packages that i've lost the plot! so this will be useful.

I'm running dirty bean at the mo but didn't know about smoothbean (thanks for the link) so i'll give that a try.


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I cannot get my tablet into APX mode.

I have the hannspree 7 inch SN70T3

If I hold down the volume minus and then power up, I get the RK29 device showing in the device manager. I cannot get it to recognise the device under android with USB debuggng, I just get the USB storage device. When I get it into what I think is recovery mode (android with a triangle) it recognises a ADB device (was the SN70T3 before I installed the driver). But I cannot get adb to see the device on my machine from a command prompt.

I don;t know where I am going wrong...

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