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imei,baseband are unknown

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I am from India I had all winner a10 tablet with simcard option I had installed cm10.1 working very fine all the things

But my sim is not working the phone apk also not showing in menu .

I Google it I found that it is an rail and baseband version ..

Please can you help me in this

My device configuration
1gb ram
2g calling
7inch 5point touch
3000 amps battery

So please can you help me

Because my stock 4.0.4 ROM is so laggy very slow so that sy

Imei and serial number baseband are unknown and even sim status is unknown

In stock ROM my baseband is m1190.v 1.0.3
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Sry fro posting in this forum can u movie to allwinnera10 one
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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