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I'm running Dexters Honeycomb on my A7+ now

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I'm running Dexters Honeycomb on my A7+ now. I will write a full review on it when I am done.

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Please let me know when you post a review. Dexter's mods lock up my usb and sdcard.
Dexter insists that programs will install to SDCARD. USB Keys may not work but USB cable transfer does work.

There are lots of different ways to install this. You could install immediately after resetting to factory. You could install after using a Elocity upgrade or Dexters CMP. This will effect the way it runs. You can also CLEAR or WIPE first. (I never did that) That also effects things.

My Review

Thanks for the review, so it looks like the rom is not really an option with the A7+ unless someone wants to run a certain program.

I'm happy with the A7+ which has become a great little media server for the plasma, fills in the gaps left by my Apple TV box. Very stable.
i need to add the following....

this honeycomb will allow you to install and run new versions of adobe flash.

i was running flash 11 and even updated that in the 3 weeks that i had honeycomb

this may allow you to run many new flash apps....down the road
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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