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I'm Baaaacccckkkkk with a new (cheap - $108) PDN...

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Just missed the little thing so much especially with so much developer goodness going on around here.Went here and signed up for BBB emailsBed Bath and Beyond Coupons, Bed Bath Beyond Printable Couponand got me a 20% discount coupon.Took it and the printout of the Walgreens ad for price match the nice people at BBB gave me the PDN for $128 and handed me a $20 rebate form. So if the rebate goes through I got me a white PDN for 108 bucks.... now that makes it a keeper :)Thanks to Bodex for his original '3 days left' post and the gurus on here who just keep pushing the envelope.By the way the BBB people at my local store never batted an eyelid when I handed them the Walgreens ad. They just accepted it and did the discount. I think it was just my sexual magnetism that overcome the lassie behind the register....well OK then maybe not.Installing all the hacks right now
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Welcome back, gortyargen!I must say that the latest updates have really made a difference for me. I used Roebeet's all-in-one + the notification bar fix.My wifi is good.The notification bar is active.Market works! (never had it before, but it is ESSENTIAL)The quadrant/linpack scores are 200+/7's.Video is good with iPhone settings (video converter) - not GREAT, but good. There is still a slight lag/freeze every 5 seconds or so, but watchable.My only issues are LONG reboots. If the sleep issue can get fixed, this would be a VERY GOOD product.Finally, if you haven't installed it yet, ROBO DEFENSE is the bomb! I played it for 4 hours last night. And I could not get enough.
You got lucky with your cashier. I went to buy one for my fiance, I already have one. Cashier called manager over to PM, she saw the "not in stores" on the Walgreens ad and immediately said no can do. She additionally said that they couldn't use a 20% coup with a PM anyway. Lucky for me, they had a $20 rebate today, so my total came to $170 - $34 (20% coup) - $20 = $116 out the door (Yay, Tax-free holiday in MA!). Not bad.
SpinControl;38142 said:
My wifi is good.
Oh, BTW, I just checked. Roebeet's install file DOES NOT have the WiFi Hack (PSMode=CAM).
no, i did not include that one.
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