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yes, another zt180 thread (grin)way too much to figure I have this right....zt-180 units finally are out with Android 2.1but, it seems there are glitches with the zt cpu working with this Android 2.1but now some company is releasing an update to 2.1 for zt180, ???so....if i buy one of these off-brand "ePad" labelled ZT-180 WITH Android 2.1 included... am I getting something that does not work right,but MORE IMPORTANT... is it a matter of simply getting the Update when out to flash the unit ?or is it worse than that.I believe I have a seller being honest, that they have the zt180 cpu unit 10 inch, 256ram, 2gb storage, NO 3G, but wifi support. and comes with Android 2.1, and their supply was in July 19th or 20th.What's the thoughts ????
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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