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Hi, now i am experimenting with mix - fast overclocked at 1.2 GHz kernel from 0830 firmware
mixed with stock and rooted 0805 firmware.

This experiment is simple:
1. Get both firmwares;
2. Copy zImage from 0830 over stock 0805 firmware,
3. Preparing for root 0805 - remove from archive utv210_root.tgz file "/system/busybox/bin/su" - with 7Zip

Benefits for me:
- Overclocking speed, and everything else stable as old firmware (for me - battery icon always shows charging with 0830)
- market is new version (as in old firmware)

After few days will report any issues

EDIT: - overclocking is not in kernel! now my kernel is "#434 sep 1" but speed is 998 Mhz
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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