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ICOO D90W Incompatible?

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I just got my new ICOO D90W and all was well until i tried to download games/apps from Google Play and could not and was given that alert: "Your device is not compatible with this game"
Is there something I need to set, or install to fix this? Is it a defective device? Everything else works so far.
My specs are:
Android 4.0.3.
Kernel 3.0.8. Build 20120229.101901

Thanks for any help.
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Please use the search forum. It's a common problem!
You device isn't defective. Welcome to the wonderful wide world of Chinese Android tablets. Not everything works with them. Guess what though, not everything works with the SGS II either. So really, welcome to Android. Chinese compatibility is going to be a bit slimmer, but in general Android is pretty fragmented. I mean, think about it, it is installed on a ridiculous number of different devices in just about every imaginable configuration. Not all apps work with all devices. Devs are also over-protective of what they will allow their apps to be installed on. This is more often the case.

Sideloading is the only option for many apps unfortunatley. But there are fixes for the market and all kind of other things. As the other poster said, you are going to have to do some searching on Slatedroid and possibly some google-fu.

Kind regards,

hint, hint. Most of us get around Market issue by changing out our build.props. =)

Other option is to find the apps and side load them through USB key or micro SD card.

Android does app compatibility by device you have. Someone is too lazy to add your device (D90W) as compatible with these apps. So, even though very good chance they would work they are not downloadable.

A build.prop for some other A10 device should work for you. Make sure you get build.prop for Android 4 (since OS you're using) + same resolution as your tablet.
google-fu ...hahaha epic...

There is another way through some xmlfiles in root... search in this forum and xda-developers for more info... And if you manage to bypass this problem and you see that some games run but have some glitches maybe you should try Chainfire 3D with it's plugins and if you are lucky enough , you will able to run the game you want...Of course this only applies to OpenGL 3D games ... The biggest plague of Chinese Tablets incompatibility is the screen resolution since no official and popular device uses that resolution...
You can find the xmlfiles solution in the first post of my Sanei thread here


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