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Discussion Starter · #1 · much that I didn't do to it anything that might (potentially!) brick it. Just slipstreamed (I don't have a reader for my 128 MB stupid SD card taken from an old camera) the 7-18 firmware to it, that's it. Reading day and night here, almost nonstop for the last 36 hours after my PDN purchase from the local Bed, Bath & Beyond The Toilet outlet. Waithing for the solid, stable, idiot-proof HOWTO on flashing this puppy with the best ROM+collection of apps the SlateDroid Grossmeister Hackers can offer.Also, I would love to know the experts (and not so, too, lol) opinions on the following:1. How much overclocking if any would be needed to view 720p video clips without stuttering? I mean, above 800 MHz? 1G, 1,2G? (I don't care about battery life)2. How much hacking does it take to replace the current battery with 3x, 4x times better capacity?3. Is adding a mic (to use with Skype, Google Voice, whatever) doable?4. Is there a possibility (header(s) to add GPS/3G/GPRS radios, SIM slot, a cheap ($39 at Real) 1.5 Mpix Web-camera?5. I need the best Android 2.x drawing/painting app for resistive screen, preferrably with finer screen calibration utility that the stock crapshot, don't hold it till Android 3.0 release, guys.6. I need a multilingual (CJKV characters included) handwriting recognition utility, I know they are out there somewhere.7. Can the present RAM of 256 MB be upgraded to 1-2 GB, to improve, if anything, a haptic experience?8. What is the best browser which understands stylus gestures? this poor thing virtually lacks any keys except silly ringer volume toggle. (hope it's Opera, or Chrome with plugins)9. Could hacking it into a complete Linux (Ubuntu Canonical) slate bring some of the above features more easily? Chrome OS, anyone?Thank you for all your care about this silly puppy
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