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I have a Telechip apad!

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Yup, one of them kind that run 3D games really well.It's seriously good, the touch is kind of iffy because it's using the resistive but the 3D games run perfect (yet oddly lag when you touch the screen) and the camera is great.Also the live wallpaper is cool but obviously lags the device if you want to do anything else.Any suggestions on what to show and explain?Mind you this device isn't that cheap, I guess if you compare it to an Apple product it really is.Video
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yes please! please post pics/vid of the device can you show web browsing, video playing and an example of a 3d game? (only if you have time) cheers
Ok it's 22:02 here (GMT 0) so I will get a nice video in the morning, which is just as well since I have bad lighting here in my room.Actually I might just do one now.
Ok I've just recorded it with my phone in one hand and it's night time, so I will give you guys a taste of this and make another tomorrow.Eugh, just a warning the video looks like something from a twelve year old, but I shows off the game play well.Ok i'm sorry but this is taking too long, I have to convert it because of it's large file size so I'm just going to make one in the morning.Here's a picture I posted to show another forum a few hours ago.
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looking forward to seeing it, the pic looks good as well, cheers
Youtube removed my video saying it's to long! It's only 17mins.Ok cut it down to ten, going to convert and upload which will take a while.OK it's done, it's blurry and it's a webcam stuck to my head with a belt.Oh and it's been cut down a lot but there's some good gameplay and it shows Youtube working fine.
Where did you buy it from? Is it the same as the Haipad?
I got it from merimobiles, and yes it's from Haipad.
Budgieboy;44284]Youtube removed my video saying it said:
YouTube - aPad Telechip[/url]
Budgieboy, thanks for the vid and the pics, looks goodNow can you please post the most important pic of the lot! - "Webcam stuck to my head with a belt" ...... please lolcheers
One flaw with the device which is really annoying me now is that in all games when you touch the screen they go laggy for some reason.hopefully it will get fixed but I don't know where the official site is incase they release updates.
Hi,I have the same Haipad twice, but my Market isn't working on both of them. I can download one app and the other apps just hangs at Starting Download. I know this is a common problem, but see you have apps installed?Did it work out of the box, or did you fix it?
Worked out of the box, I've been installing apps non-stop.
Only android 2.1 can play 3D game good.
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